Shit test! Lets play the game together!
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    Shit test! Lets play the game together!

    Set up a profile the other day, following a few excellent points made on here, my tagline is "we probably won't get along anyway" Rest of my profile paints me as a fun, confident guy who isn't too serious about online dating. I took 5 mins out of my afternoon and sent 3 "winks". I have 3 emails, one with a phone number, one opening me, and one with a shit test. Copy/paste: "Read your profile, and you're right, we probably won't get along." Ideas for a clever response?

  2. "I like where this is going - soon we are going to get into some fights, then we going to call the cops on each other... which will finally lead to divorce. I told you we wouldn't get along! Oh, you're actually kind of a cutie. I'm Sean."

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    Great!! Sent and she replied within 20 mins.
    "I like how you assumed we'd get married.. We would be common law and then I would just help myself to half your stuff when it's over. My name's Amber."

  4. Great to see this type of approach work over and over again... I pity the millions of humorless wussy's out there lol

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