Daygame and Direct Game - My Free Q&A available to download

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    Daygame and Direct Game - My Free Q&A available to download

    Hi guys,

    Many of you may remember the Q&A I conducted a while back on daygame and direct game (during the day and during the night). So many of you asked questions that it ran to about 140 posts over 13 pages

    I gave out a lot of great advice and it took a lot of my time, so I've had it reformatted into a downloadable PDF, and it is now free to download.

    You can find it here:



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    Downloading now.

    I remember reading this post before even doing any approaches and day game and finding out I had a lot more knowledge in-field thanks to reading this. Great post, man

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    Awesome man, thanks for making it a PDF. This def. has a lot of awesome info. in it guys!

  4. Gold!

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    This download is no longer available

  6. Me too, could you make it available again?

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