how to make your girlfriend jealous :D
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    how to make your girlfriend jealous :D

    when i was single, it was easy, i just started flirting with other women, touching them, and exchanging phone numbers. i could feel the girl that i was interested exploding. i just ignored her and pay attention to other girls.

    but now in a relationship, it must be done very subtle. i want to recover the power i have lost for giving out too much.
    im going to start giving ideas, hope you can contribute to the thread:

    -making other priorities than her (friends, hobbies).
    when she ask to go out with me, or to see me:
    "sorry honey, i have to go to my music classes, but we can see each other tomorrow."
    then i will tell her about a girl that likes the same music like me and likes to produce and sing like me and that she has a demo, and that i will work with her on it later. (all of this done very, very slowly)

    i think that first strategy is pure gold

    getting more social proof
    this weekend some girls of college are throwing on a party. it will be kind of lame, because this girls are boring. i was planning inviting my girlfriend, but now im thinking of it better, i won't invite her, i will go with my friends, and get a lot of photos of having a great night. girls will tag me on their photos, and facebook will do the rest. of course there will be just friendly hugs and i will avoid photos of kisses or something. (gold and evil also isn't it)

    getting more girl friends.
    i have girl friends that have boyfriends. i don't like to be with them since i didn't see a reason. now, i will be there to listen to their crap about their relationships. a comment on facebook there, and some other there, and my girl will understand how much girls like me.

    working on myself.
    getting to the gym, buying better clothes, and being more sexy.

    i gave her too much, it was my fault, now it's time to take control again i hope it's not too late for this, i think this will take at least a month.

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    The problem with jealousy is she probably won't show that she is. And, she will try to 1 up you in the games. She is going to start hanging out with more guys, getting pictures with them, etc. So before starting the jealousy games make sure you can handle the retaliation on her behalf.

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    Some of those techniques seem like a bit much and will get her unattracted to you more than create jelousy. This may show her more insecurtity than strength, especially the priorities and other girls. It looks like your looking for more validation from other people.

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    What good will making your GF jealous do?

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    Good point Vapor.Why make her jealus,while you can get rid of her?

    Next time you post a thread,try "How to make your girlfriend,dead;You take the knife, then..... Its a guarantee,it will work and you will become a great"
    What does pick up has to do with this?Pick up artist is like a man/woman who is very socialized,and produce possive feelings in others.It has to do with interaction,not payback or immature vengeance..

    You are not even manipulative..i respect the villain for being smart..what you think isnt even that.

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    I'm confused as to why you want to make your girlfriend jealous? Girls that purposely makes their BF's jealous is immature and shows a lack of confidence and I don't put up with that shit.

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    haha well, it's for creating attraction again! she has responded great with this stuff. she is like huging a lot me like when we started dating, she is attracted again as the first days! im just sparking the relationship a little, giving her the feeling of being special amongst all the girls, and she likes it.

    i think you don't know, but when you are single, and you are showing DHVs, going out, traveling, being social, etc.. you are creating jealousy in girls, in their head you are creating the feeling: "why is he having such a great life with all of those girls, and not with me?" it's basic pickup theory , so saying that just insecure girls create jealous it's wrong, because it's one of the abilities a PUA should have.

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    I think you guys are misinterpreting, and some still suffering a little from Disney Syndrome....ya'll just can't fully deprogram can you (I won't tell, I have sticking points too =P)

    What Diego really means is more so being busy and creating some social proof as he has gotten too "buddy buddy" with his girl, and maybe she is not repscting him/his time, since it is so readily available to her (if you think this is good then PM me ASAP!).

    The jealousy aspect is something that the readily available, uninteresting, unchallenging, puppy dog BF will never be in danger of, and along with his other stellar qualities will lose the girl.....

    Don;t fall victim to thinking the game stops when you lay her, or make her your GF and then YAY!! I CAN BE THE REAL ME!! ---- CONGRUENCY IS KEY!!

    Remember that suave, busy, funny, cocky, mysterious gentleman than Attracted her, made her feel Comfortable, SEDUCED her.....well that guy can't become the guy that annoys her, is always around, doesn;t give her space, doesn't understand her, doesn't excite her and still keep the female.

    What Diego is doing is getting his priorities in check as to not let this girl think his time/effort/affections/thoughts revolve around her....for GOD's Sake Man! She is the insecure little thing that wants to feel safe/taken care of.....

    I like your ideas Diego, and don't get fully win this girl over you will always have to be willing to walk away ;-)

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    You can control the relationship,without tossing her in the side..I could agree with diego if it wasnt so vengeful...You got a point though!

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    yes precious, you get it.

    "to fully win this girl over you will always have to be willing to walk away ;-)"
    im going to have this tattooed on my chest to remember and not forget it haha

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