Offering a Wing in the Netherlands!!!

Hello guys,

About a year ago I discovered the game and on from that moment I have improved my communication and understanding of girls every day. I have developed a passion for the game because it offered me a lot of exciting opportunities since I discovered it.

Since a while I have got a very cool girlfriend so I decided to focus on winging only and I became good at it. I got some close friends and my brother that I wing nearly every weekend and they experience that it is awsome to have me as support, for excample my brother recently had a lay because of my help and he agreed he would have blew it if I wasn't there.

Now I am very interested in teaching the game to people, sharing experiences, and winging people to improve their game. I want to become better and build up a community in the Netherlands because I feel like that has a lot more to offer then winging my friends only.

I live in Zwolle and if you are interessted in a wing who can, I think, improve your game. Then you should contact me by a private message or trough my email: