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  1. I concur - great work!

    By background, I go a LONG way back in the community (2001-2002 I believe).

    I did a lot of 'DYD stuff' back then, and Mystery and Style still posted regluarly on mASF.

    Fast forward...

    C&F (although having great results) only goes so far.

    I've been a 'natural' all my life and hardly ever get "flakes" etc. Can happen anytime, though. We know that.

    Sure...I've been "blown out" on occasion, but with a proven and evolved system such as MB, I know WHY.

    Remember, the issue is always something you've done or NOT done - and the EPM is the most 'codified' method I've seen that explains that.

    I bought MB and both routines manuals within the past 2 months, and I can already see the things that I've done 'naturally' skyrocket!

    I would into 'comfort' ('rapport,' in other models - and usually not enough of it - or too soon) in a 'random' way (and get away with it), jumping steps, but something often fell apart (or turned into 'day 2' or 'day 3' unnecessarily). I like this model much better - easier to know where you are on the 'attraction map.'

    After going 'dormant' for 3-4 years, it's nice to be "back." LOL!

    BTW, I'm 53 yo (look 42-44, and they tell me that) and don't have any issues attracting mid-20's girls - if anyone needs that info.

    Kudos, team!


  2. My life would not be the same today without this book. From opening to seduction and everything in between, it's like a well-thumbed reference man to everything you need to know.

  3. first to read

    i think i first have to read it...

  4. I'm on my second reading of Magic Bullets. I'm learning so much. My goal is to make the techniques taught in the book second nature to me. I just started the Love Systems' Routines Manuel, to give me even stronger game.

    BTW, was Savoy once in the one-hit-wonder band Zebra?

    The guy on the right....right?

    It's totally him!

    Rock stars get the best girls.

  5. It's good

  6. Magic Bullets is good, but you need to practice 10x as much as you read to get good, and preferably record your conversations with your phone so you can see what you need to improve on. Take it from me

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    Well, I sure hope it's good. While I've had 26 women I still really don't understand them, especially the beginning part. I'd forget about them completely but they have those wonderful breasts.

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