How To: Ejaculate When You Want

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  1. How To: Ejaculate When You Want

    I used to be fascinated by how male porn stars are able to ejaculate exactly when they need to. They could be in a thirty minute shoot, and be completely in control of their orgasm the whole time, and then as soon as the director says the words, they can whip it out and make that money shot. Wouldn't it be great to possess these powers?

    Rule 1
    After you have gotten some success with this, don't stop. A lot of guys will apply techniques like this, see that they're working, and then stop doing the practices. It does take a few months for the effects of these techniques to wear off, but you will be sad when they do.

    Retraining the Nervous System
    The first exercise is a nice, easy one: masturbate -but don't ejaculate. Instead, you need to push as far as you can into orgasm without ejaculating; you do this by relaxing the muscles in your legs, and at the base of your penis. A lot of energy is suppressed in a man's legs. We don't exercise as we used to, and tend to think of the higher up we go in the body as being more and more important. So we end up blocking a lot of feeling down there - you need to reawaken this mind/body connection. You do this by feeling into your legs, during sex, during masturbation, whenever you can. Feel into your legs, and begin to relax them. By just letting your attention go towards releasing tension in your legs during sex, you'll be amazed at how much longer you can last.

    After doing this practice for a while, your body will dissolve its tendency to move straight into ejaculation as soon as sexual tension builds up. Instead, it we automatically start to relax as soon as such tension occurs, which means we can move into the next step.

    Holistic Breathing
    As cheesy as it sounds, the next technique has to do with breathing. There are two types of breathing exercises that you should practice, the first being one geared towards relaxation. Take a deep breath in, lasting 4 seconds of inhalation. Hold your breath for 7 seconds. Exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat this for 4 cycles, while keeping your tongue touching the upper palette of your mouth. Yes, this does actually work - I've seen people cry after doing this for just 4 cycles because of all the tension that it releases. You may feel lightheaded afterwards, because you're taking in a lot of oxygen, this is quite normal for people who are particularly stressed out. The best thing about this exercise is that it actually trains your nervous system to relax, and the effects are long-lasting. You can do this for more than 4 cycles, but it is recommended that you stop at 8 - I would take that advice. If you are going to do this during sex, please don't make it obvious that you are doing a breathing technique - that would be a huge turn-off to your female partner.

    The next breathing technique is one more specifically for use during sex. Take a deep breath in, as far down as you can. Imagine that the pull of breath is actually coming from your feet. While doing this, focus on the tension in your body - put yourself as much "into your body" as you can. Feel your body deeply. This should be a huge breath by the way, not a wimpy half-hearted attempt; really feel it. As you breathe out, allow your focus to rise upwards, into your face and the top of your head. If you're doing it properly, you can actually feel an energy rising up your body and into your head. Let this go and continue to feel up, now feeling outside of the body. Take another deep breath in again, feeling the tension of the body, and the breathe out again, feeling outside of your body. It's funny that this technique is so much like sex itself, the deep tension and clutching of passion and the human body, and then the euphoric releasing of all tension and all sense of separation.

    Become Aware of The Muscles that Cause Ejaculation
    It's kind of an ass-muscle, as if there is something there that is forcing you to ejaculate. When you're doing your masturbation practice, put as much attention to the muscles around your penis as possible. Learn to relax them - do this by pushing them "outwards" a little, as opposed to contracting them. If you can get these muscles to relax during orgasm, you will find that your orgasm can last up to 30 seconds longer, and the sensation will be amazing. The first time I did it, I literally thought I was having some kind of spiritual experience with my partner, I lost all focus except for this mind-blowing sensation that lasted for about 20 seconds (rather than the couple of seconds I was used to experiencing at the time).

    Put these into practice, and you'll become more "orgasmically intelligent", and eventually you will learn how to come when you want to.

    Thanks for the time, have fun
    Te Amo

  2. These days, don't all porn stars pretty much use Viagra? I think you've written good stuff here but the Viagra thing is worth observing. Changes the game.

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    wonderful post man. really helpful for me.
    i hope you open more threads in the forum because its great to see advice like this.

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    Porn is 50% fake. The people are real, the cum is real, and the cumshots are real. However, they have the ability to do something called stopping the camera. They can fuck for 10 minutes, go get something to eat, come back, and go at it again. They can film half of the porn flick one day, go home, go to sleep, then show up in the same spot the next day and bust on here face.

  5. Well with Viagra everybody can be a porn star. I mean, only a handful of us guys could last a long time, but today, with Viagra and all these different pills and Cialis and the ones I endorse, anybody can be a porn star -- really.

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    My God it works. I feel...I feel...Powerful.

    Que Dios te bendiga, te favorezca y te haga un santo.

    El Toro

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    I'd also recommend Googling "Kegels for men". It'll show a variety of exercises that increase blood flow and prolong your lasting time.

    FYI: Don't do these in a public gym.

  8. Good explanation, I used to have that problem before but I could solve it by masturbating before having sex with my partner

  9. Yeah I'm also familiar with the kegel and reverse kegel, did nothing. Only Dapoxetine (priligy) gave me full control of my d**k and my gf is now very happy.

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