Have 2 Dates in 2 Days....Similar Situation..Urgent Advice Needed
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    Have 2 Dates in 2 Days....Similar Situation..Urgent Advice Needed

    I have two dates, one tomorrow night and another one a day after. Both dates were set-up online, pictures have been exchanged and there has been some conversation. Both women are single HOWEVER both claim that "They are just not interested in a relationship at this time". They mentioned this during the convo at a point, when I was flirting. Although, their reactions to my routines have been very positive, hence the dates.

    During my conversations, I also mentioned that I am not looking for a relationship as of now, in order to maintain my value. However, I would love to get your opinions about what my Frame should be during the date. Flirting too much could backfire, as they have clearly stated, that they are not interested in a romantic relationship (WITH ANYONE) as of now...because they are at that stage in their career. Would love to know what sort of Routines and strategies you would use in such a situation.

    P.S: Both women are Asian, born and brought up in Asia (China to be precise). I mention this, so that cultural aspects can be factored in. Both are however,forward thinking, career oriented women, who like freedom.

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    ZachE84 Guest

    A date is a date. Hope that makes sense.

    First off, ignore what a woman says. It's almost rule #1. Continue to tease, be cocky/funny, have fun, etc. The point of ANY relationship (friendship, fuck buddies, gf/bf) is attraction and value. Doing these things provide you with both.

    You are too worried. Relax. Be yourself and HAVE FUN! Be prepared and good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice and while I do agree with your basic advice completely, I think I should have phrased my question better. What I would like to know if, if she is not reacting to flirting/teasing the way you expect her to (as she is pretty clear in her mind, that she doesnt want a relationship) what should be the fallback strategy? Should you persist or change frame?

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