Fader Bootcamp - Charlotte, November 2010
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    Fader Bootcamp - Charlotte, November 2010

    What can I say about the bootcamp with Fader? First of all Fader is awesome! He has incredible energy and seeing him work is amazing. He closed the phone number of a hot stripper in just a few minutes and picked up a couple of strip club waitresses by getting them to compete with each other for his attention. It was really quite impressive.

    As far as the format of the bootcamp itself, he started off by going over the basics with us. There is a LOT of information and there isnít nearly enough time to digest all of it, but then thatís why we take notes (one week later and I am still going through them). He has a lot of incredibly useful information and does a great job of explaining everything so that everyone understands it. If we didnít understand a particular point or concept, he would explain it to us in another way until we did. He wanted to make sure that we all understood what he was teaching, because it is that important.

    We went through some approaches with each other too before heading out to the clubs. Then at the clubs he had us go approach sets and try our game. He is highly observant and is great about pointing out areas that need improvement. He doesnít pull any punches either, but he is nice about it. It is patently obvious that he takes a personal interest in seeing his students improve and succeed. He would give us feedback after most every set and then send us right back into another one. He definitely pours himself into teaching both the theory as well as the live training in field.

    This is a nuts-and-bolts, no bullshit bootcamp. It is definitely eye opening and, if you are willing, life changing. I am very glad that I took this bootcamp and I plan on getting additional training down the road, either at another bootcamp or individualized training. I would highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who is looking to improve his game no matter at what level. You will NOT be disappointed.

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    That's awesome man. I read a crapload of Fader's reviews just like this one, did as much research as I could, thought about it day and night for a week, and finally signed up a couple weeks ago for a Fader bootcamp in January. Hearing about experiences like this only make me more certain I made the right decision. So psyched! Cheers -- DD

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    You definitely made the right decision. You are going to learn a LOT!

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    Fader Boot camp Charlotte NC November 2010

    This is post is a little late but I will blame that on school work and recovering from Faderaid.

    First of all I would like to say like many college students have said in the past; putting up three grand for boot camp is a pretty big decision for us. Being a college student we could live off of that amount of money for a year. So when I was driving to Charlotte that weekend I was second guessing myself and wondering if a Love Systems Boot camp was something I even needed. I had considered myself pretty well with women for most of my life. I had a lot of lessons to learn over the course of the weekend and one of them was that you can't put a price on knowledge, understanding and experience. (The three grand is worth it damnit).

    When I arrived at the hotel and met Fader and the other classmate one of the first things I realized was that Fader was that he was a cool guy. I had expected to meet some characters entering the pick up community but Fader is a guy just like the rest of us who wanted to become better with women. He just happens to be really good at it (especially strippers).

    The in class session consisted of inner game, five hour energies, weird maids, Chinese food and breaking down things I had read about but never fully grasped until Fader put it into every day talk and in depth explanation. He showed me that this is stuff anyone can learn! My favorite quote from this weekend was "any monkey can do any monkey's job". Hilarious

    Ok now for the in field portion. Even though Charlotte is full of married chicks the nights were still a success. Fader really made the weekend about the students and went out of his way to start class early, and spend extra time in field. He had every hired gun all over him everywhere from the hotel lobby to the strip club. He managed to pull two or three stripper's numbers over the course of the weekend just to show us that it could be done and we could all learn the skill. I was very impressed

    I would highly recommend Fader to anyone looking to take boot camp. I can honestly say I have improved a great deal because of his teachings. He teaches the material well, he treats you like a friend and his skill set is very legit. I would definitely recommend anybody (especially college students) considering boot camp to sign up for Fader! You won't regret it

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    This was really a fun time. It was my 2nd workshop back after a 6 month teaching break. Charlotte is a fun city to teach in. The strip club situation is pretty good & we met everyone from the manager, to me ending up in the dj booth picking out songs. The stripclub waitress situation that time was out of control. I actually went back 11 weeks later and one of the waitress had to have put on at least 40 pounds. Not a good look if you are 5 3. Anyway I am still in touch with both of you & hope to see you both soon.
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