New to social circle game and interested in a close friend's girlfriend's best friend
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  1. New to social circle game and interested in a close friend's girlfriend's best friend

    I haven't really been on the forums much at all since signing up. I own Magic Bullets, and I pretty much understand how 90 percent of it works. But I've rarely used it because I never go out due to my work schedule.
    Lately, I've freed up some time and I've decided that I need to finally get this area of my life settled. I'm pretty much happy with most of the other aspects of my life so I can finally focus on this.

    Anywayyyy. I was at a concert tonight with a friend and his girlfriend. I knew a pretty good percentage of the people there (it's a small venue, and the music I listen to is pretty underground) so I was all over the place talking to people and having a good time. This and listening to some of my favorite bands put me in a really put me in the zone (at least more than I usually am).

    So at the end of the night, I met with my friend, his girlfriend, another friend of mine, another girl I know, and my friend's girlfriend's best friend (aka my target). I've seen her around before. But I was never introduced or anything so I never knew what to do. This girl is an 8 in looks and maybe a 6.5 or 7 in social value. She's obviously into the same kind of music I'm into and she's got some nice tattoos on her (I'm really into tattooed girls) so obviously I'm going to be interested in this girl.

    Since I've never been formally introduced to her, I didn't want to just go up to her and introduce myself. We were all standing in a circle and that would have broken up the flow of the group's conversation, and it would have placed all the attention on us. Awwwwkwarrrrrd. So instead, I quickly became the talkative one of the group, hugged the other girl that I knew since I haven't seen her in a long time, and got everyone laughing a little bit. Not too much where I was seen as the "goofy, funny guy", but just enough to attract my target.

    Now, I don't know if this was the right thing to do or not, but I didn't acknowledge my target at all, except for us locking eyes for a quick 3-4 seconds (she was smiling and so was I, by the way. So I'm hoping that was a powerful move). I saw a friend in a small group right next to ours, so while I had the group at a high note, I ejected myself for a quick second to go say hi to this friend. He's pretty well known high up in the local music scene, so I feel it was a good DHV to have a good short conversation with this friend.

    Since I now was standing closer to my target, I came back into the set standing in between her and my friend. I couldn't think of a way to get a small side conversation with her, so I joined back into the talk with the group for a little bit. Then her friends that brought her were leaving so she and the other girl I knew in the group had to leave.

    I feel I handled the situation as best as possible. This whole interaction didn't last much longer than 5 minutes and my target wasn't really talking all too much (I can definitely sense she's a little shy in large groups). I didn't know how to get something going with her, but I did at least get her laughing and I got to lock eyes with her.

    So where do I go from here? I found that we are friends on facebook, but we've never exchanged any comments or "likes" on there so I don't know if I should contact her on there or wait until whenever the next time we're in the same place with friends is?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm so pumped to finally be taking action with this area of my life!

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    Not right or wrong, you dominated the conversation of the group she was in?
    I like to go after what i want pretty quick, but that's a personal preference. I flirt with every cute girl when I'm around my friends haha (good and bad)

    I would say hit her up on FB in one of two ways unless you know you'll see her again

    I. FB
    A) Some of the dues taboo this but FB chat is golden for me, it's really low investment
    B) Message her. In either case since your into and underground type of music find a sick video on youtube that you'd think she'd like but probably would be firmiliar with and use that as a starter

    On chat after saying Heyy
    in a message more like
    sub:Hey (Name)!
    It was cool sort of meeting you the other night, I was just checking this out and though you might like it (link)
    -(your name)

    Third option-
    Use your friend! Be or get in the same place as her, maybe like something she says earlier that day so your fresh in her mind and can say what up when you see her

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