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  1. Future Bootcamp - NYC, November 2010

    My life before bootcamp

    My social skills first developed in college. I was surrounded by people who were as socially inept as me, so it was easy to ease into social circles without having to show too much value. Having been the “listener” and the “nice guy” in high school, I was able to establish comfort pretty well with girls who were attracted to my social value (having smart friends) or just liked that I was a laid back, laughable guy. I don’t think I ever really went through an attraction phase with any girl before establishing comfort, so I dated very little outside my social circle. In fact, when a girl was attracted to me, I latched on pretty hard and made them my girlfriend. Result: I always had a girlfriend in college. Consequence: I avoided improving my “game” by settling with average girls and just enjoying the fact I was getting any sex at all. However, once the sex started to get boring with a girlfriend, I wanted to get out of the relationship so bad, but I was too scared to end the relationship, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find another girlfriend so quickly due to my perceived unattractiveness.

    I had big plans to go into medical school after graduation, but I knew there were other things in life I wanted to experience. After a couple of jobs and some soul searching, I knew that it was my social life that needed work. I still had a little bit of savings left (I’ve been unemployed since August 2010), so I bought the Routines Manual, the Text Game e-book, and a couple of interview series. I really hate going to class of any sort, and so I thought I could learn game the same way I learned college stuff – by studying on my own.

    Months pass and my Approach Anxiety hadn’t let me open any sets, so I knew I needed help. I went back and forth between convincing myself to sign up for the bootcamp and waiting until next year. It would be better to have a job, so that I could pay for the bootcamp guilt-free, but it didn’t look like a bootcamp would be in my area until February. I couldn’t wait that long, so I just pulled the trigger, and regretted dumping the last of my savings into it – that is until I stepped into the first seminar and saw Future with his newly shaven head along with his sidekick, Stryker.

    Friday Seminar – Future on Opening and Transitioning

    Once everyone was in the class (which is in a great and comfortable room located in a pretty nice building), Future asked everyone to introduce themselves. He let each person tell their previous experiences with girls and state what they hope to gain from the bootcamp. Sounds pretty innocent, but there was a point – Future from the get-go was seeing how he could tailor the bootcamp towards the class’s general level as well as to each person’s individual experience. He immediately noticed my biggest sticking point (being the nice guy who doesn’t do well under social pressure), and I’m sure he had mental notes about everyone else as the bootcamp progressed. The advertisements for LS are true when they say how it really doesn’t matter how far along you are with your game. The LS instructors and approach coaches (AC) have this awesome skill at determining your sticking points and know exactly how to address them in the bootcamp no matter if you are short, tall, Asian, jobless, a WoW junkie, an investment banker, etc.

    On to the teachings: even though I had read Magic Bullets pretty thoroughly, I still found Future’s teaching on openings, transitions, and the entire Triad Model very helpful. While I had already known the lines and routines and the techniques associated with opening (from the Day Game Bootcamp and from Magic Bullets), there is information between the lines which most people will easily miss. Namely, that you have to say it with the attitude of “I don’t have to ask anyone for permission to talk to them” and “Everything I say is correct and everything happens exactly how I want it to happen”. Otherwise if you aren’t cognizant, your weak attitude will become apparent through your body language and your speech, and girls will smell your lack of alpha maleness in you.

    I think the primer on attitude and confidence was a great way to start the bootcamp. Even more, he emphasized that gaming is a skill that can be learned like playing a guitar or a kazoo, not just some innate ability given by the grace of God to LS instructors. Finally, he gave us one last bit of advice to make sure we were confident and motivated before the in-field – take baby steps so as to make learning of the game more bearable. I couldn’t have agreed more.

    I felt like we as a group were ready to knock out some openers and enter the pussy factory.

    Friday Seminar – LA2NY on Inner Game

    Alright I’m going to be honest, I didn't think this would be useful at all. I mean, I had already interacted with LA2NY during the Day Game Bootcamp and he had given me some great advice in-field, but what more could I learn from this seminar other than “believe in yourself” and “have faith in your abilities and passions”? I thought of Inner Game as just Barney the Dinosaur mish mash.

    I was so fucking wrong like Donkey Kong.

    LA2NY has this analytical, professor-like teaching style, but he’s not your boring-ass physics professor. On the contrary, you wish he could teach you a seminar every day. Not only does he word things in a way that shows a fresh perspective on life (and I quote, “Inner game is the internal processes that drive how you perceive the reality that you live in”), but his seminar evoked my emotional frustrations and regrets that I had all throughout my average life. More descriptive than any book I’ve read but with less fluff and grandeur than most speeches I’ve listened to – this was a wake up call to tell my anxiety approach-ridden mind to get the fuck off the couch and do something with my life.

    While I won’t go into the whole muse on Inner Game (because a lot of it was taught in a semi-technical way with graphs and charts), the basic premise was this: you have a lot of bad core beliefs and assumptions that you need to eliminate in order to progress in life. For me personally, one was “Asian guys can’t get white girls because they are too tall”. These bad beliefs/assumptions show through to your other areas of life and you need to cut out these bad influences, because you owe it to yourself to be happy, to be a man, to get what you want.

    I was enlightened in a way. I felt like my mind was this car that needed to be driven to a specific destination. LA2NY wouldn’t be our chauffeur, but he at least showed us how to start the car and which road we should take in order to become a man.

    Friday In-Field Portion

    Talk about feeling fucking great. I walked into the (half-empty) bar and was met by Future and another student (Future is very punctual by the way). As the rest of the instructors and students piled in, there were handshakes and bro-hugs all around as we got more comfortable and more in-state. I don’t know if my fellow students were just fucking cool or if all bootcamps attract such awesome people, but I felt like I’d form another brotherhood with my new wings.

    The night began as all of the students started their approaches like bosses - except for me. I tried helping to wing one of my fellow students but got the cold shoulder so I ejected. Future and LA2NY as well as my AC Stryker warned me that if I didn’t do some warm-up approaches, my lack of momentum would make it easier to let ole Approach Anxiety sneak up and kick me in the dick.

    You know, this is where I started to get scared, not because of my approach anxiety, but because I had read on reviews how the instructors and ACs would just throw you in the sets. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I wanted to go when I was ready, but you know what, they let me gather my nerves and allowed me to go in on my own. I appreciated that so much. Maybe they knew that I would eventually approach or maybe they were just making me the exception in terms of throwing students into the fire, because I had heard of other students leaving the field on the first night. Either way, Stryker told me to open my first set: a group of 10-12 people.

    Fuck that shit, the thought of that scared the balls off me, but Stryker and one of his wingwomen reassured me that it would be ok. What’s the worst that could happen? I opened up with an indirect opener, and damn….all the girls were into the conversation (well except for this one bitch who kept on saying “you’re lying, that’s not true” but I ignored her after remembering Future’s teachings on attitude). I kept up everyone’s attention and after things started to die down, I came out of the set and felt like a champ. “You know what, before you went in, they were actually looking pretty bored. You made their night more interesting,” Stryker told me. I didn’t see any of this, but that was my first light bulb of the night: don’t be afraid to go in and interrupt sets in conversation, because what you have to say is most likely more interesting than what they’re talking about.

    The rest of the night had its up and downs as I opened sets. Trigger, Stryker, LA2NY, and Future were always around to answer questions or observe what I was doing, plus they would give small tidbits of advice and send me back out into the field. At some point, I was losing energy because all my conversations were stagnating. I didn’t even know what to fix nor did I know what to ask my instructors.

    Right as I felt my energy falter, LA2NY pulled me aside and addressed my biggest sticking point of the weekend: sexualization. In fact, he didn’t just tell me, he showed me what I needed to be doing by making me role play as the target. While I can read books and listen to audios, sexualization is something I had to experience and feel from him (no homo). This was the biggest lightbulb of the night for me. I didn’t expect such individualistic advice on the first day, and I approached the next set with his advice. I was a little rocky, but I couldn’t believe the sexual shit I was getting away with.

    Saturday Seminar – Future’s Follow-up
    In the beginning of class, Future let us share the high points, low points, and what we learned from the club. As each person went around the room, Future would spend a good 15 minutes specifically targeting the sticking points and provide ways to improve for the next in-field portion. I found it helpful to not only get advice on my own game specifically, but to hear of the mistakes of the other students so that I could avoid them in the future.

    Saturday seminar - LA2NY on Conversation Mapping, Teases, and Role Plays
    This is it, this is what I believe was worth the $3000. I always feel like I never know what to say. This seminar covered EVERYTHING I needed to know about holding a good conversation. For a lot of you social butterflies out there, it may be second nature, but holding conversations with strangers never really made sense to me until LA2NY broke it down like a science into its separate parts. As a person who is the awkward loner at parties, I have to say this was so beneficial for my own skills not only for girls but also when hanging out with friends and acquaintances. While I’m not a master conversationalist yet, I have full confidence I can be one after all the skills taught here.

    Once my mind was blown away from learning how to hold conversations, LA2NY impressed me even more by teaching us how to tease and use role plays. I never really consider myself a funny person. In fact, I’m the guy that laughs at other people’s jokes all the frickin time, but when it comes time for me to put out a joke, I hear crickets. How the hell did LA2NY break down teasing into a science so that I could be a humorous guy? This blew my mind, and I am more convinced now that humor is not something you are innate with - ANYBODY can learn how to be funny.

    After learning how to hold conversations, tease, and role play, LA2NY made us split into couples and practice our own fake conversations in a bar. The exercises were helpful, and I believe everyone received great feedback from the instructors regarding their exercise.

    These were the main things I took from the Saturday seminar. There are a lot of other extremely helpful tidbits like attraction switches and hoop theory and such, but the above topics were the most notable to me.

    Saturday in-field
    Round two here we go. We’re more pumped, we’re more polished, and I could feel the energy and I could see all the hot girls that wanted to play hungry hungry hippos on my cock. That is how fucking good I felt by the second day of bootcamp. It felt so badass to have a posse, to have a home base in the bar, and this was the night that I actually experienced “fun” in a bar. I genuinely had fun getting into sets, joking with the students and instructors, and feeling good that I’m just approaching hot girls in general. I didn’t get any bad blow-outs at all during the night though there were two sets which I remembered most clearly.

    I had opened up some sets with mediocre success. My conversational skills wasn’t top notch yet, but I felt like my conversations were more interesting compared to last night, because I got to talk about my passions and what I like. Anyways I saw this smoking hot blonde across the bar by herself, so I went up and approached her. “Hey, I think you look cute and I had to come say ‘Hey’,” I said as I craned back my neck (she was about 5 inches taller than me). We were off on a role and I felt like the fucking man – conversation was rolling relatively easy and I was physically escalating like a caveman. To this day I’m still texting her back and forth (though she is a long fuse right now because of my shitty text game).

    The second notable set was towards the end of the night. I could tell all the students and instructors were tired and worn out, because I was fucking exhausted as hell from the 10 hours of class and 8 hours of field practice. I come over after ejecting from another set, and I think Future or LA2NY says to me, “Hey, you see that girl over there? Just walk over to her, give her the finger, and then leave.” Apparently the girl had a bitch field as sturdy as the Great Wall, but I had no clue – I thought it was just a fun game. I went up, tapped her on the shoulder deliberately, gave my straight face, flicked her off, and then came back laughing.

    That felt so fucking great (though my nice guy inside of me felt horrible for doing that). Then a couple minutes later, she comes up and asks why I did that with a bitchy expression on her face. Boom, I turn back to my old “Mr. Nice Guy” face and start apologizing like a tool. There was a lesson here though. Trigger, Future, LA2NY, and Stryker all explained to me how it was a way to test my frame. I shouldn’t have to apologize for anything; just follow through with what I did because I should always be right and have a dominant attitude. Awesome, not only am I getting advice on how to pick up girls, but they were also working on my personal development, my Inner Game.

    Sunday Seminar
    God damn, I expected to be tired but I had so much fun last night, and can’t wait to take more notes (at this point I was at page 21 in MSWord). Future and LA2NY start the seminar again reviewing how we could have improved on the night before.

    LA2NY begins the Sunday seminar with qualification (LA2NY again broke it down in an easy to understand and highly analytical manner which I thoroughly enjoyed again). Then Future closes out with comfort, dates, phone game, and finally seduction. Throughout the breaks, I asked LA2NY a lot of questions about sexualization and text game, and he was awesome enough to let me see one of his text threads from a current girl just to see how it was done (I forgot to add by the way, I asked LA2NY a shitload of questions the whole weekend because I liked the way he answered my questions, and LA2NY was always receptive and extremely helpful). At the end, Future and LA2NY ended the bootcamp with some final, inspiring words that made me feel like I had this huge life ahead of me.

    The weekend felt like it lasted forever. I wish I could take another bootcamp because of all the fun I had, but I know it would be redundant.

    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I just have to say that the LS staff actually does care about your progress. Not only did the instructors give specific advice to help each person individually, not only did they form a connection with us through shared experiences and awesome jokes, but they highly stressed that they wanted to keep in touch with us and that they enjoyed seeing our progress. Now if it was anyone else, I would call bullshit, but I believe it when they say it. They even sent out follow-up e-mails yesterday. In fact, LA2NY gave us even more specific advice tailored to us as well as an offer for a free interview series to target our main sticking point.

    Conclusions and Tips for Prospective Students

    I would highly recommend taking a bootcamp before attending any other seminar. In fact, the LS marketing team will probably shoot me for this, but I think you need to do a bootcamp before doing a Day Game Workshop. The bootcamp lays the groundwork for such a strong foundation for your game, that any other seminars or audios that you buy after the bootcamp will make so much more sense.

    Moreover, I am sure my classmates and I are going to keep in touch. We all vibed so well with eachother, and I thoroughly enjoyed winging sets with them. These guys are from all over, and so I’m looking forward to practicing game in other cities in addition to New York. Thanks, classmates, for such an awesome weekend.

    That being said, to get the best experience possible from the bootcamp, read Magic Bullets so that you can better understand the topics presented in seminar. I think this is absolutely necessary to get your money’s worth. Additionally, I would skim through the phone and text game e-book so that you can better manage the pulls from bootcamp through texting.

    If this long-ass review doesn’t convince you, then I just give up. Find a bootcamp near you or take off a weekend to fly to a bootcamp somewhere else. I would jump on any available opportunity. The earlier you sign up, the more enjoyable your life will be not only with girls but with people in general.

    In fact, I just had a job interview today, and I noticed a marked increase in confidence when talking to these interviewers. Thanks, Lovesystems.

    To my instructors

    Approach Coach, Trigger – The first thing he said to me in the field was “If you have any questions at all, please ask me. I am here for you.” Perfect since I’m a questions guy, and he’s so awesome to be around. He has this happy-go-lucky personality that brings your state up and chips away at your approach anxiety. Thanks for all the tips and advice, Trigger.

    Approach Coach, Stryker – The guy that popped my “Approaching and Opening” cherry. Thanks for (lightly) pushing me to step outside my comfort zone. I know I asked you for a lot of advice on how to create good wingmen and wingwomen, and thanks for that. I’ll be working on finding my own posse outside of the bootcamp crew.

    You know what though man, I still remember that chat that we had in the taxi on Friday as we made our way to the second bar. My desire for gaming wasn’t mainly to pick up girls but moreso to improve my life. I felt like my Inner Game sucked balls, and I wish I had a larger social group to become a part of. The fact that we shared experiences and the advice you gave me on how you personally dealt with similar Inner Game issues was very helpful…these were things I’ve been struggling with every since graduating college.

    Additionally, I’m thankful for all the advice you gave concerning me being self-conscious about rambling. “As long as you’re passionate, it’s not rambling.” I’m keeping that quote in the back of my mind as I develop my game. Thanks, Stryker.

    Instructor, LA2NY – I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. The way you taught the concepts, the patience you had with all my questions, and the concern you are showing for my progress is at times overwhelming, and I mean this in a good way. I’ve always served as the mentor for other people throughout my life, but to be someone's mentee, specifically your mentee, was a life-changing experience for me. Other than my parents of course, I’ve just never been in a position where someone took such good care of me. Thanks for taking me under your wing this past weekend. The way you give your guidance is a skill that I want to emulate when interacting with my peers. I don’t think I can ever pay you back for this weekend, but I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to pass forward all the help you gave me to make someone else a better person.

    Instructor, Future – Holy shit bro, talk about the kicking down doors, going King Kong all up in this house, super caveman-style type of energy. I enjoyed every minute of the bootcamp. Like I said before - I hate classes, and I’m not an audio learner. In spite of that, I think this is the first time in my life I paid attention to every minute of what a teacher said. Your teachings were informative, and, more importantly, very entertaining (and thus memorable). I can’t count how many times you made some WoW nerd jerking-off reference, but that shit never got old. I think I laughed at least 70% of the time while you were teaching. Talk about losing calories and raising endorphins out the wazoo man, I’m actually laughing out loud right now just thinking about your seminars.

    In all seriousness, Future, thanks for setting up such a great bootcamp. It’s tough to not have fun when I was around you because you were always in a constantly high energy state, and it was great to have a big brother type of person to help fix my mistakes in field. I remember talking with that hot blonde on Saturday night and seeing you right behind me after I number closed her. It might not have been much to you, but just knowing that someone was looking for me and watching me to make sure I was doing ok - that made me feel more at ease in an environment where I had normally felt anxious. It was comforting to know that someone was there to catch me if I fucked up. Thanks man.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think your high-energy way of things is my style, but one of these days, I want to number close like you did with that super bitchy-to-the-eleventieth-power Asian girl (“Uhh, ok I’ll give you my phone number, because I don’t want to be a dick.)

    I promise I’m going to make you guys proud, and I’ll keep you guys all updated on my progress. I have nothing but optimism for the future even if I go through draughts in my game (I hope I don’t eat these words in the future). I feel so fulfilled. This experience is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life, and now I feel like I’m ready to progress forward full steam ahead. Hopefully in the future, we will all cross paths again.

    Suggestions to Improve Future Bootcamps

    1. I’ve read on other reviews that some bootcamps have 10 or even more students. Though I know that you guys balance this by providing more instructors, I think the bootcamp wouldn’t have been as worthwhile with more than six people. For example, you know how on Saturday and Sunday morning, we would talk about what we learned from the previous night? I think that’s a very valuable part of bootcamp that should be a main area of focus. With too many students, the time it takes to recap the previous night would eat too much into the seminar time.
    2. I would have liked a section on advanced winging. It would make the field exercises much more fun (e.g. playing games with our bootcamp classmates), build even more camaraderie in the group, and also provide ways for people to mold their own wingmen when they head back home. This is just a suggestion to make things more fun. The "are you hitting on my boyfriend" wingman routine is pure gold!
    3. I think it would be better to move conversational mapping and Attraction to Friday with less of a focus on Openers. Opening seems like such a small baby step compared to attraction, qualification, sexualization, etc. Focusing less on openers and getting into juicier stuff would be better for students’ gaming development.

    I know the schedule is packed already during the seminar times, but implementing any of these ideas would make the bootcamp better.
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    Your review made my morning. You guys were a great group, and it was a pleasure working with you. Keep the things we talked about in mind, attack cold-approach with relentless tenacity, and you will hardly recognize yourself in 6 months.

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    Hey Man, thanks for taking risks in field and thank you for taking the time to review!! Hope you are killing it out there.

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