here's another vote for revisiting some of the basics: attraction 2.0, qualification 2.0, escalation 2.0, etc.
the younger instructors have added so much to these fundamentals the past few years, building on what we already knew, that it would be great to hear about those insights.
really appreciated the approaching 2.0 interview that just came out, for example.

some other topics i'd love to see:
-getting back into game after a relationship (or some other time away from playing the field)
-the fundamentals; a kind of "if you're only gonna focus on three things.." type thing. i'd love to hear what each instructor thinks are the absolute core qualities/skills you have to have, for example.
-how to work on long fuses without losing value
-how to get hotter girls; i know soul and someone else did "dating higher quality women" but that didn't quite hit the mark for me, i mean something like progressing from "7-game" to "10-game" with specific experiences, action steps and descriptions of the differences between these "levels".

thanks guys!!