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  1. Suggestions for future interview series

    -How to go from being an introvert to an extrovert. I used to figure it's something that will change in your core over time from doing the game. But in the pasts couple months I've been noticing and implementing trends of extroverted people. Like how when they're alone they think thoughts that are easy to share with other people (think Jerry Seinfeld's for Dave Chappelle's mindset) as opposed to things that only a certain segment of the population would relate to, so when their with people, they never run out of things to say.

    I would love to have a interview series where it goes over the trends extroverted people do when in company and when alone.

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    IVS Suggestion: gaming with naturals

    Many of my friends from college were all naturals. Before my bootcamp they tried to get me to push me to approach girls at bars, and because they wanted me to succeed (vs seeing me crash and burn for their own amusement). I would like to go out with them more often. They would be open to the fact that I'm trying to improve my skills with women, even if I don't tell them about Love Systems. Questions would be the best way to approach the subject with them. How to set boundaries so that we know who gets what girl, etc.

    Soul cautioned against gaming with naturals in the Day Game workshop this past weekend, but I would still like to hear some instructors feedback on the issue.


  3. Lots of my friends are naturals, I think it's a great way to improve your game. Just tell them straight up before you go out if they want to be your wing. Tell them a couple hints for when your out so you aren't competing for the same person. Tell him which girl your going after before you approach and ask him to help you out. There is still bro-code whether or not you are in "the game" or not. Have a laid back conversation with your buddies on some bro rules before you go out.

  4. Can we please get Cajun & Savoy to do a interview series on visualization, I honestly think it'd go great because I've heard bits and pieces of Cajun talking about things involving visualization in relation to subtext and inner game but I've never heard him go into detail.

    Would anyone else like this?

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    Get psycho cybernetics by Maxwell maltz.
    Cajun talks about subtext in the beyond words DVD set. I also recall that Vercetti talks about it on one of the DVDs and he has an article on visualization on TAF.

  6. I have the beyond words DVD, but I've heard random interviews here and there where he mentioned visualization but never went into much detail on it. So all I could ask Savoy & team is to please consider it as I know I (and several others) would immediately buy it.

    And thanks for the recommendations miaaddict

  7. I would love to have an interview series dedicated on a delicate subject: How to Handle Multiple Relationships.

    thanks Love Sytems!

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    Vpoint, I think you might be looking for this:
    Love Systems President, Program Leader

    1 - Read the Magic Bullets Handbook - it's the bible of the Love Systems community, answers 90% of the questions here, and saves you years of time re-inventing the wheel.
    2 - Follow me on The Real Savoy Blog, or my twitter account. And friend me on Facebook for exclusive dating advice I don't post anywhere else.

  9. Just a thought, but maybe something along the lines of fashion, or health. Things that could boost your outward appearance.

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    Hooking! Baiting!

    All the things to get her asking questions about YOU.

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