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  1. 3 subjects I would love for the Interview Series

    1: the First Kiss

    2: dealing with long fuses

    3: handling rejections


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    Iwould agree some of the early ones for definate. Storytelling would be another one especially on naturally using it. The early version is very routiney. I find that it is alot easier to tell a story when the topic comes up naturally. And in between all the other stuff u use like humour etc... the biggest part of your content is about you talking about yourself so its quite important.

  3. relationship game

    i feel this is long overdue and an imperative topic, and i don't think anyone in the entire community has done a good job explaining this. the LTR's interview focused mostly on the inner game aspect, which is important but it's not really something you can teach. attraction in the initial phase is much different from when in a relationship, and the game that instructors teach gets old and repetitive fast. at the same time, you can't be running game at all times and nor is it necessary to do so (i.e. having short short conversations over text saying "hey can you pick up some milk for me at the store," her saying "yeah sure" and that being it). an explanation of how often to run use game would clear a lot of issues.

    then there's more macro-level elements like investment levels, levels of attention, how to keep things positive or from getting stagnant on an ordinary day while the two of you are watching tv together, or when you're in different rooms doing different things. how/when to deal with her moods/frames and behavior to expect that may or may not be a result of your doing. also how to give her different kinds of emotions.

    though probably a controversial and not a one-size fits all topic, i feel it's about time some guys really got into the heart of it.

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    did someone say Intrigue? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrari360 View Post
    How about being high energy and low energy. Obviously breaking each topic down with advantages and disadvanages like state based and intrigue based attraction was.
    Hmmm that a very interesting point. I've seen Helicase with Hight Energy and Low Energy... both are flow less. Helicase's lower energy (in like a more relaxing bar) is amazing in that a very simple sentence filled with push-pull and humor. Unbelievable.

    I've seen Gil Rio with pretty high energy and working great as well. And it is a different appraoch

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    Another good interview id like to see done is something on improvise or thinking on your feet. As routines are getting out of date now some techniques on this would be very helpful. A good wing of mine is very good at this and uses the surroundings and what ever pops into his head to improvise but since running natural is the way to go now it would be handy having some very basic techniques.

  7. i am shocked that there is no interview on gaming at the gym.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harveymac View Post
    i am shocked that there is no interview on gaming at the gym.
    aint much to it man. not the best place for gaming either IMO unless your popular there and in great shape.
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    I know that there is an IVS on "The Right Way to Learn Game", but a more narrow topic could be "How to Get Good Faster". Almost every instructor I've talked to had a time period where they went out religiously for an extended time. The example that springs to mind is when Nick Hoss went out 100+ days in a row on his summer vacation, and I think all of the instructors that did this kind of thing would have some good tips on avoiding burnout and how to stay motivated during those rougher patches.

  10. I would like to a see another interview on attraction and female psychology. The old interview is very good, but still surface level identification of 8 attraction switches.
    Something like "deconstructing attraction" will greatly help, on really what goes on in woman's in behind attraction. What is attraction really psychologically? What triggers those psychological things?

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