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    Braddock should do one on trigger words

  2. That would be great

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    Jigger words as well

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    I agree trigger words

    would be awesome!!

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    Banter could be done as it is different to teasing and is one of the key ways to generate attraction.
    I know a natural guy who is only 20 and has probably been with over 50 girls. His sucess is purely banter he says.

  6. A great volume should be dedicated on "Going for the Kiss"

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    Passive and active attraction
    investment based attraction

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    come forth trigger words

  9. I think this one will help people with low social skills a lot, from my experience. One of the very basic skills with women - Living in the moment with ease. Spark good positive emotions in her mind and align with them.

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    [MENTION=218912]marked9[/MENTION] I totally agree.

    The interview series has been getting better and better. Seriously, if you're not subscribed, you're missing out.

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