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  1. Is there an interview series on subtext? I didn't see it in the list here.
    I find subtext very powerful, I have it naturally but I need to develop it more to compensate with other factors.

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    Can you be a bit more specific regarding what you mean by subtext?

  3. Subtext as in a meaning or an impression to convey underneath the verbal communication/words (unrelated to words) to connect on much deeper level. For example, just today I had a conversation with a woman, and she gave me a compliment that I am "calm and collected", which I didn't do consciously, the subject was totally professional but she could still read it. I believe more can be conveyed in this way if I train myself to pass on any message I want on that level underneath. Isn't that true? Or am I misunderstanding this?

  4. missed to mention a point there - the conversation was on phone.

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    I got you, thanks for elaborating.

    Grab the Beyond Words DVD Home Study Course as that goes massively in depth and detailed on covering everything related to non-verbals and subcommunications. Check out more info here:

    Also, you can find an Interview Series Volume on Frame Control & Subcommunications (actually one of the original 5 we ever put out) which you can hear 10 minutes of for free here:

    Give me a call at my extension below when I'm in the office as I'm always in Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm PST happy to answer any further questions or if you'd like to pick these up.

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    Something about isolating the target could be of some help.

  7. Social Calibration.
    From experience I realized I need to largely improve on social calibration.
    I am looking for a guide that for better understanding of this concept, and can help to build a strategy of DOs and DON'Ts to fine tune calibration in real time when with people. Calibration come from experience but then it gets tied to those specific people. Opening with a new set of girls in day game, bar/club and in social circle needs slightly different range of social calibration. I think routines are embedded with certain social calibration, wouldn't good social calibration control/create intended vibe and sub-communication? And to create a natural game?

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    Basic Attraction

    There are a couple of interviews on attraction such as avoiding dancing monkey syndrome and advanced attraction and story telling and conversation skills.
    These are all very useful to some degree but there is a great mixture of techniques on these. They don`t really say what ones are best for certain personalities or what ones are best to begin with. Ive tred routines from the manuals and making up my own routines but because every set is different and u can`t predict what topics will come up it is hard to mix these routines in. Ive come to the conclusion that teasing and push pull is the best technique because its natural and feels right. The response u give and choice of words comes from ur own vocabulary which solidifies u as a person where routines can come across abit strange. Its also not very easy to develop enough routines from ur own life to keep a conversation going.
    Im not very wittey or able to think of funny little one liners to tease but am practicing on these with a few techniques braddock gives. Hopefully i will get better but just thought it would be worth a interview covering most of the techniques in a more basic and general way and more import how and when to use them.

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    isolation is a good topic. needs to be broader though, like "logistical progression". I like the social calibration Idea also. I also think the "how to get good at game" IVS should be re done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Intrigue View Post
    isolation is a good topic. needs to be broader though, like "logistical progression". I like the social calibration Idea also. I also think the "how to get good at game" IVS should be re done
    I think you just volunteered

    I would love to see some of the older interviews redone, vol one about approaching and transitioning has a lot of old MM in it with talk of the old M3 model and negs, as they have become a little outdated maybe do a more up-dated version of some of them?
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