The World's #1 Expert on Day Game wrote a book...

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    The World's #1 Expert on Day Game wrote a book...

    If Day Game is part of your life, you owe it to yourself to check out this book. Plus there are free chapters to start right away!

    The Attraction Forums (TAF) Admin.

    A couple of the best routines from Attraction Forums users have been published in the PUA Routines Manual. TAF for the win.

  2. Jeremy Soul might be the #1 daygamer from a beta vantage point.

    Krauser is the #1 alpha daygamer, though.

    Not sure which method is more effective, but I definitely prefer the latter; it works better for me.

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    Krauser is realy good!He use speed seduction,right?I think he has some mistakes on his positioning,but he has a realy great posture

  4. How do you approach joggers and bikers?

    How do you stop a jogger without seeming creepy? How do you stop a chick riding a bike without seeming creepy? And what if they're in mixed groups?

  5. WTF???? 97 dollars for a freaking book !!! Jesus, I could get a leather bound antique super rare classical work of Shakespeare for less than that. I mean all the seduction books on Amazon are way way way less than 97 dollars ! I like soul, but there's no way I'm paying an arm and a leg like that for a freaking book. What nerve to charge that much!!!!! then he claims you get all these other bonuses "free" because they're like a 47 dollar value or something....obviously they're rolled up in that 97 dollar price tag.

    Hey just let me have the freaking book for 15 dollars like most regular priced books are. Forget all that other "free" stuff.

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