The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game

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    The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game


    Our dating experts spent more than a decade studying men's successes and failures with women. The surprising result? More than 70% of a man’s results come down to his ability to build attraction and comfort on the phone. If you want more beautiful women in your life, you need to know how to talk to a girl on the phone and get comfortable with text and phone game.

    The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game is the product of more than 10 years of research by Love Systems dating coach Nick Braddock.


    • The basic goals and aims of phone and text game – what you’re trying to accomplish on the phone, in the context of the emotional progression model. Learn the tips to attract a girl on the phone or through text.
    • How to get her number almost EVERY TIME – Know how to get girls' numbers, the “magic words” that make flaking nearly impossible
    • How to avoid the one fatal error that 60% of guys make – discover the big mistake men make after getting her phone number that kills their chances right then and there
    • How to seed interest BEFORE you phone or text her – why the key to phone game lies in what you do BEFORE you even call

    Click Here to Get Your Copy of The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game

    The Attraction Forums (TAF) Admin.

    A couple of the best routines from Attraction Forums users have been published in the PUA Routines Manual. TAF for the win.

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    Texting is the biggest dating tool you have and for the life of me, I don't understand why more men don't learn to master it. A woman can literally fall head over heels for a guy in texting alone, that is, if he knows what he is doing. Victim of it here. Been swooned by a skilled texter.

  3. Should you text or call though?

  4. No answer to #4 here?

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    New member here, I have to give credit where credit is do, I read part of the UPATG and I think it should come with a disclaimer ," only use this on HB's you really want" haha, I got said HB's number last night so I texted her this, this morning ,"Hey Scrappy, So the plans all set, I've got everything together for the bank heist, I thought ur idea to wear pink ski masks to support breast cancer awareness was sweet, now the only thing missing is the sandwiches, remember , pb and j white bread crusts cut off and then cut in half, and remember DIAGONAL this time, just remember how bad the job in Amarillo went when you cut it the wrong way, poor bastards anyway hope this made you smile, now get in there and make that brain grow!!!!! Lol" that text is a modified version of an example text Braddock uses in the guide with a little call back humor thrown in to spice it up, 5 min after I sent the text HB's calling me laughing, she's in class and had to excuse herself she was laughing so hard, she then proceed to invite me over for dinner this evening. Braddock , you are the man!

  6. This is seriously some heavy sh*t. Cheers for the links man.

  7. That's a interesting read.

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