Bus pick up whilst stuck in traffic

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    Bus pick up whilst stuck in traffic

    Hey this is my first ever field report so tips welcomed. Thanks

    I had just finnished work and headed to the bus staion to catch a ride home when this HB catches my eye. I use a situational open about the grid locked traffic. We boarded the bus and carried on the conversation, I then switched threads to talk about how I missed working abroad like I had done the year before. This is a great DHV story and always makes great conversation. I then run the following routine over the 2 hours we were on the bus for. Stripper name routine followed by a neg, ESP routine, mysterys photo routine and a few magic tricks involving kino (as im a magician)

    She then went on to tell me where I can find her whilst giving me loads of IOI's. I used my DHV story as a softner to help me get her FB details and then she sent me her number.

    She then gave me a few more IOI's via txt and I went on to set up a D2

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