One Night Stand, now looking for LTR...dealing with texts...

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    One Night Stand, now looking for LTR...dealing with texts...

    Met a girl at the bars. We hit it off. Went back to my place, did the dirty and it was great. Woke up the next morning, did it again, everything great. She said she would get a taxi home but instead I offered to drive her home which I did. She kissed me good by.

    Couple hours after she got home that morning here are the texts:

    Her: Hope you got your credit card. Have fun with the boys.
    Me: Hey no I didn't. All good tho. Have plenty more cards to use.
    Me: Lets hang out sometime
    Her: Yea. We def should.
    Her: (4 hours later) Hows the fam?
    Me: Good. Went to lunch. Exausted. What you up to?
    Her: Justa little sunday funday.
    Me: (tuesday) How's your week going?
    Her: (5 hours later) A little busy. Yours?

    I would like to try and date this girl. But since it was a one night stand thing, not sure if thats what she is looking for??? What should I say next??? Should I try and ask her out on a date or just text her next time I'm out?

  2. "i'd like to see you again."

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