The Friend Zone - How can I get out of it?
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  1. The Friend Zone - How can I get out of it?

    I would like to start off by saying that I am new to all of this, I have been confused and at a loss of what to do in my situation. I have read Magic Bullets and figured I should go here, to where all the experts are.

    So here is the summed up story: My Ex left me a few weeks ago, on good terms. She wanted to be friends, and I foolishly accepted. I go to her house soon after, telling her that I want to move on, so I don't want to hang out with her as much (She is in my social circle who I see every day). Eventually we start talking and have fun again. Texting her after that night she says she still has some feelings for me.

    Fast forward to today, we are close friends. I am have been flirting with her and using kino (She lets me put my arm around her shoulder and rest my hand on her lap). She shows no sign of returning romantic affection. I had made the pretense of moving on, then I told her I hadn't just to see how she felt about me, bad move. She still didn't have any strong feelings.

    I whole heartedly believe that my situation is salvagable. I am just wondering what you all would reccomend I do. Thank you in advance.

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  3. It's probably going to be the most painful thing you're going to have to do but you'll have to cut contact, not be needy, go with other girls and appear like you don't give a fuck. Right now, since you agreed to be friends and she dumped you "on good terms" it means that you were a bitch about it and rather then saying fuck you i'm moving you you accepted to be friends and play her games. It doesn't work like that if you want her back. Read the above post and then repost if you have any questions. I would highly suggest that every move you make from now on regarding her be thought out and strategical. Think about it like a game of chess. Just because it feels right doesn't mean you should make the move and every move needs to lead you to the end game of getting her back. Feel free to post on here again if you need help. I tried to get my ex back for ever so I read almost everything there is on this.

    In the meantime though the easiest tool for a newbie to use is jealousy. I would game some girls that are eager that you are back on the market right away... While she is still very close to you she might get jealous enough to want to get you back. If that happens, that's a whole different story for another thread.

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    hey man i have some material for you, have you ever heard of the cube routine its great for getting an sight to what she wants and this is a great advantage. If you need any material then inbox me as i have loads i could share with you man


  5. Alright, so after re-evaluating my situation. Here is my plan.

    1) Slowly cut off communication (Which will be a tad difficult as I am currently one of the few people she wants to spend time with).
    2) Do as I was planning since the break up: Getting out to change my wardrobe and hair style.
    3) Date a few other girls and get back into the game.
    4) Call her up again to spend time with me and see where things go. Which, after spending all this time improving myself, will hopefully go well.

    Any comments/tips/suggestions/links/books that would be helpful?

    P.S. On a more immediate note, she would like to "hang out" with me soon. Should I start cutting off contact now, or do it after I show her a good time?

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