Eye contact during sex?

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  1. Eye contact during sex?

    When you're in a position when you're both facing each other. Do you think it's good to have eye contact?

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    Eye contact can be tricky. If your partner is really emotionally attached to you then eye contact is essential. On the other hand, a partner has to feel comfortable with eye contact during sex in order to fully appreciate it. Some people avoid eye contact because they still lack the emotional connection with their partner. In this case eye contact serves more as a distraction to their physical pleasure.
    Very well said. Perfect!

    For my example: the girl I have been dating for almost 6 months, we never had eye contact during sex for the first few months. Now she insists that we have a nightlight on so we can look into each others eyes. I've never done this before and damn it's intense. If I try to close my eyes or look down somewhere else, she will tell me to look at her.

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    Instead of looking at her, kiss her, bite her neck, her nipples, etc. But yea, eye contact is good every now and again.

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    Bumping everyone else, if you're comfortable with the girl its great. Especially if she has pretty eyes. You should be able to figure out when to do it; for instance i certainly wouldnt use it on your nymphomaniac fuck buddy.

  5. I am normally a shy guy and eye contact can be hard. However, with the relationship I'm in now, we would lock into each others gaze and the intensity was amazing. I really believe that this took our relationship from just having sex to passionate love making.

    Thinking back, I can't recall if we did it the entire time, but it sure felt like it. Obviously this is in missionary position and if we were doing other things eye contact would be broken, but otherwise it felt like we always stayed locked into each others gaze. Again, this brought the passion to the highest level I've felt in my life.

    So I'm posting here because lately, she is not doing this. She'll stare at me for a minute or less, and then close her eyes and get lost in the moment. She certainly seems like she is enjoying herself, in some ways more than ever, but for some reason the eye contact is deminishing.

    It might sound weird coming from a guy, but this makes me feel like she is just having sex with me instead of making love. I almost want to say during sex something like look into my eyes, or even bring it up afterwards, but I hesitate because even though communication is so important, I feel somethings are best when they are naturally expressed and left unsaid.

    So if any women can answer, have you been with a partner where you would have that locked gaze and then eased off on that? I guess you can tell what I'm afraid it means: that she doesn't feel the same anymore.

    Again, I know her well enough to know she is extremely turned on during sex, but this has been happening more and it's making me feel a little distant.

    She closes her eyes now after a minute almost as if she is shy or it makes her a little uncomfortable, and I know some people are like that, I was one of them, but we've long got past that, so it seems weird that this is now happening.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by cyclon View Post

    So if any women can answer, have you been with a partner where you would have that locked gaze and then eased off on that? I guess you can tell what I'm afraid it means: that she doesn't feel the same anymore.
    I'm a girl and we usually don't have much eye contact during making out because the positions we're usually in are about me having my back at him. But then he asks me to kiss him and I have to turn my face around and kiss, so could that substitute for an eye-contact?

    Sex or making love is about the level of intimacy you and your partner share. And intimacy gets reflected from eye contact, how close you are doing sex, etc. So if your partner doesn't always look in your eyes I think it doesnt have to be because they're not interested.

    I often close my eyes when either; I'm feeling too much pleasure or I'm feeling pain so for me not having eye contact doesnt mean I'm not loving it or I'm not involved.

  7. There is no right or wrong answer, but strong eye contact while you are doing your woman increases her perception of dominance.
    Not the whole time of course, that's creepy, but it can increase the sense of connection between both of you.

    What's really powerful is getting her to hold your eye contact while she's coming, get her to verbalize what she's feeling, tel her what you are doing to her, not in a cheesy porn star way but with gentle but firm authority. Lightly cup her face in your hands while she's close to coming and tell her to look into your eyes "while we come" - if you can come with her and hold this gaze it's golden. If not, well try again some time. It's fun.

    Eye contact during sex, even if and when it's intense, is always a good thing.

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