What to say if you add a random girl on facebook and she asks who I am?
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  1. What to say if you add a random girl on facebook and she asks who I am?

    What do i say if I add a random hot babe on facebook, and she accepts, and then asks "Do I know you? "

  2. Say, "No, you're just fucking gorgeous and I had to add you."

    If she reacts go from there. If she defriends you or ignores you, use this script I lifted from Braddock: "Are you ignoring me? That's it--we're divorcing. I'm taking the car, the TV, and all the albums we bought together!"

    That's one way to go with it.

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    Something cocky funny,


    Not yet, but its probably in your best interest that you do know me =P ....


    Def. not. Girls that have met me never forget =P..

    Cocky funny, flirty, and very confident...

    Follow it up with a conversations starter if you'd like as well..

  4. Tread carefully, if she's a girl of value it's EXTREMELY hard to come from that angle as they see random adds as creepy. I've done the "oops haha i usually don't add random people, drunk me must have thought you were hot" and it's worked like 2 or 3 times (i don't add randoms usually) but still with some fails. In this case, you win some you lose some. Once, we became pretty good friends from a random add, so it CAN work out.

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