Scottsdale, tempe, meeting gorgeous woman
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    Scottsdale, tempe, meeting gorgeous woman

    Hey guys,
    I have recently moved to Arizona, I've lived in europe for most of my life tho.
    I'm living in Mesa at the moment. I'm 22 yo

    I have been here for about 2 weeks and the times I went out I was flabbergasted. SO many gorgeous woman, waw. Also since i've lived in europe for most of my live I'm not familiar with all the college stuff, the parties etc, never experienced any of it. I recently went to see an ASU football game that was wild cheerleaders, band playing, football. All new to me xD

    Why am I posting this message. Simple.
    I'd love to meet people who are in the middle of the college stuff or meet people who regularly go out and are succesfull with it, In my experience you can always learn the most from someone who is 500x better than urself ( in my case not that hard ) xD

    I went out in scottsdale this saterdaynight at halloween and I was excited AND frustrated at the same time. SO many gorgeous woman, and none of them are mine. I wished I could at least fuck one.

    I've been reading up on the game etc for over 4 years. But I never pushed myself to do shit I'm not used to doing. So I know how it works, I just blank when talking to hot woman. Can't escalate it good enough etc...

    I'm not nerdy, I sport allot, I will never EVER ( never say never ) fall in all the stupid shit tests girls pull on me. So I don't appear desperate at all. ( holy shit I am )
    I even have the tendency of being way to particular so that hot girls that ACTUALLY DO like me get negged the fuck away.
    So much for the short review

    So thanks for reading this, if you did.
    If you think you could introduce me to this land of freedom as u call it I'd be more than happy too.

    Thanks, hope to be hearing from you guys soon.


  2. Hey pm bro if your interested, Im 24 and constantly hitting up tempe and old town scene

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    Hey both of you guys should pm me. I enjoy winging and going solo. I hate when puas wanna sit around all night and talk about gaming. As long as you actually want to pull and work on game than we will have a great time. I'm pretty good at bootcamping also. I will try to find things your doing wrong that you can work on. I expect you to try and do the same for me. My goal is to get good as SNL's. If your down to wing with me it should be good times.

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    hey ive been out here for a yr not,met a couple of other cool pua's but i lost their contact info.We should all meet up and go tear up the town.

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    Send me a pm if you're interested.
    Here my personal ad lol...

  6. Just Moved to Scottsdale

    I just recently graduated from college and moved to scottsdale. I've never had problems with women just never been a pick up artist so I've decided to challenge myself. As long as you don't mind my trial and error and learning on the job! Just looking forward to learning some new skills and making new friends. PM if you're interested


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    I recently went to the vegas superconference (I highly highly recommend it if you can afford it btw!!!!!!) and I am also very interested in meeting new wings familiar with the subject. I live in the west side, but I frequent the east side at least weekly! To me its worth the drive!

    I am very intersted in building a group of people that are serious about becoming PUAs, but at the same time want to have fun with this. Right now as it stands my roomates/friends although wonderful people cannot keep up with how often I want to go/ not the right fit for me. I am 26 soon to be 27 work full time 50+ hours, and currently in middle of starting my own bussiness, and hopefully leave that old job behind, but I have time to at least go out on average twice a week. I like to frequent Mill ave a lot, and would like to visit scottsdale as well.

    Itd be nice if we could meet up for lunch prior to a night of sarging so we can get familiar!

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    Here's the deal: I'm serious. I've been a PUA for 5 years. I know it all and have learned from the best. I'm going out tonight. I will wing and have pivots and tons of social proof for you to work with. if you're serious about gaming then get hold of me. I'll be in Old town Scottsdale at around 10:00 pm. Here's my FB: Add me only if you want to ACTUALLY SARGE. Not talk about it.

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