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  1. My DayGame Journal

    I've recently been getting some success especially in daygame, and I thought I'd start a journal since I always learn new things from reading other people's. I do a bit of night game as well, but not as much and it's usually just a makeout on the dancefloor.

    Date: Oct. 30, 2010
    Location: Eaton Centre
    Approaches: 6
    Closes: 2

    Got two numbers from an hb8 and hb9. I asked the ones that hooked what they were doing for halloween, one going to a club one a party with her friends. The conversations were very short. With hb9(asian) she had the most intense eyecontact I had ever experienced, was not sure if it was attraction or not. I texted them both so they have my number.

    my game is decent but I'm still scared of dates.. I'm kind of hoping these numbers flake

  2. Date: Nov. 3, 2010
    Location: Eaton Centre
    Approaches: 3
    Closes: 1

    One approach was 14 y/o, one had a boyfriend, and I closed the third girl who had a boyfriend. Turned out to be a fake number.

    The two numbers from last time flaked. No worries, I will just keep gaming and hopefully start building a connection with the girls soon.

  3. Date: Nov. 8, 2010
    Location: Eaton Centre
    Approaches: 5
    Closes: 3

    Went out with a wing to Eaton's today. We had a beer at this microbrewery, and hit the mall. One of my approaches offered to sit down and talk before she had to go, and I definitely timebridged, and will hopefully be seeing her again. I asked this girl Colleen what she was doing friday and she's going to Montreal so I'll ask her about it on Monday. And another girl was looking for a phone store but gave me her number.. I'll try texting her tomorrow. Also I have a date coming up this wednesday evening with a hot asian. I've been trying this line "Hi, I know this is going to sound like a line... and it kinda is, but I think you're cute.." and it's been working out pretty well, you guys should try it out. Kinda softens the direct approach. I will be sarging at Yorkdale this Wed. for the first time, so expect an update.

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