Feeling unconfident about grey hair, AT AGE 19!!
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  1. Feeling unconfident about grey hair, AT AGE 19!!

    So guys as the title reads, I'm 19 years old and already have grey hairs at the side of my head since I was about 16.

    I know that you could just suggest that; Dye your hair! or Go bald!
    But that's not me, I'm happy with my hairstyle just not with the gray hairs though, is there any reason for me to feel ashamed?

    Greetings from Gandalf The Gray!

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    they make a styling gel type of dye that you could just rub in your hair daily.. you can get it to match your natural hair color...
    If it makes you self concious I say go for it! There is NO reason for you to feel ashamed about anything regarding your appaearance however!
    But if it is something that you feel down about then why not correct it? Its up to you what you do but either way dont ever feel ashamed of how you look

  3. Sounds like you're kind of purposely making a spectacle of it. There's no reason to be ashamed, if other people point it out if you don't have an issue with it neither will they.

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    If you are otherwise obviously not old i.e you are fit, have young looking skin and a young attitude then it shouldnt be a problem and may even attract girls by setting you apart from the rest. It could even be seen as an unusual style! I think that grey hair only becomes a problem when you are obviously old and it indicates that your systems are winding down and you are not a good proposition. I suggest you embrace it.

  5. Thanks guys, It's all inner-game.

    I gotta embrace it.

    Greetz, Gandalf teh gray

  6. i know a couple of guys with the same "problem" and i find it pretty cool to be honest. i bet you are feeling like that for the amount of silly comments people have made about it. my response: no big deal. brush it of or have a witty comeback, most of the time they are only busting your balls.

  7. Yep, no big deal.
    Had white hair since Grade 6... Age 12 I believe.
    Not grey. White.

  8. My father started getting greys/salt & pepper colored hair around the age of 16 too, he used to curse about it, but you know what?
    I find it pretty cool and I wouldn't have minded being afflicted by that!

  9. I have grey hair as well, Im young. Trust me its more of an advantage rather then disadvantage. Many girls tell me its sexy. Some come up to me and ask me if I dye my hair. Its kinda like a natural peacocking.

  10. Don't loose any sleep about it, buddy!

    A few years ago, I started loosing my hair, back then I had a Don Juan style hair cut. Now I got very short hair, and you know what? I kinda like it. And I got some younger chicks diggin' me. I never thought this would ever be possible, back then.

    It's all about your inner game, how people see you on "the outside". If you are confident, girls or other people will see this.
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