What are your "top-two" INNER GAME materials that have changed your life?
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    What are your "top-two" INNER GAME materials that have changed your life?

    I am a newbie, and have realized that I am in dire need of improving my INNER GAME. I can improve my OUTER GAME by reading Magic Bullets & The Routines Manual, and of course going into the field to approach women --- but I also need to improve my day-to-day issue with low-self-esteem & approach-anxiety, and would appreciate hearing about your TOP-TWO books, recordings, videos (or video series) that have transformed your way of thinking so that you were able to improve your INNER GAME! Would be ideal to also know WHY that particular material was a great help for you.
    Thanks very much in advance!

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    Lots of great stuff on this forum in the "Best Of" section for starters. Plenty of posts on inner game there, so read those.

    Listen to the Love Systems Interview Series, specifically, "How to Be an Alpha Male" (number 25, I think). That interview profoundly impacted my understanding of not just game, but on being a man in general.

    I also liked David DeAngelo's series "On Being a Man."

    For me, the best inner game stuff is material that applies to manhood and life in general, not just success with women.

  3. This is the greatest video on inner game.

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    Top two materials: First has to be approaching and being in field, nothing improves your inner game than being out and getting all your negative thoughts shattered when you get positive outcomes.

    Second, Hypnotica's stuff.

    I never looked elsewhere, well except ekhort tole power of now but it goes towards too much spiritual stuff, bit helpful though.

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    Pickup Podcast Value Episodes. Google it.

  6. I myself donīt believe in EFT or anchoring. It feels like a trick, iīd rather solve my issues thoroughly.
    I don't really buy his whole "tapping" theory, I agree that's probably a trick designed to make him more money (although hypnosis and self-belief might mean it's actually effective on some people).

    I recommended that video mainly because of the other general discussion which I found very useful.

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    Cajun's Videos

    Kahuna -- The hawaiian belief.

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    I'd like to revive this thread and hear some opinions.

    And anyone tried Psycho-Cybernetics?

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    Favorite out of a dozen or so I've read...


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    David DeAngelo's Interviews With Dating Gurus.

    Listening them over and over again, so many great ideas and opinions. Then adapting them to my own life and imagining positive outcomes, just like these guys on the interviews have had many times.

    Then again the inner game is nothing without practice and outer game.

    It's million times more useful to memorize one opener and field test it 20 times in three hours, than spending three hours reading about 5 different openers and not testing them.

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