Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - Las Vegas, October 2010

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    Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - Las Vegas, October 2010

    Straight up: if you are thinking about attending a bootcamp, DO IT. Hands down, nothing will propel your game further than high-intensity emersion in-field with the pros. It is absolutely worth the money.

    This was an incredible experience. Jeremy Soul is a legend, so it was awesome to work with him along with all the other awesome instructors: Big Business, Whim, Mark V, and Micha.

    As recommended, I read Jeremy Soul's "Daytime Dating" ebook and also practiced some approaches (about 70) before attending. Pre-bootcamp, I small-chunked the learning: just opening, then add a transition, then add an extra compliment, then ask a context question, etc. But in the 5 weeks that I approached using this small-chunk method, I didn't learn nearly as much as I did in the 2-day bootcamp. For one, I didn't get any numbers in those 5 weeks (I didn't try). During the 2-day bootcamp, I got 12 numbers after doing about 30 approaches. It was fuckin' badass.

    Structure of bootcamp:

    Day 1 seminar: We began with inner game/mindsets: basically, be positive and realize that this shit is possible. Jeremy Soul shared personal stories about how these mindsets were critical for developing his success and day game model. We then reviewed the LS triad model as applied to day game: emphasis on intrigue-based attraction and qualification, logistical escalation, and conservative kino. We looked at different approaching styles: direct and indirect. Both work, but you have to determine what the situation calls for. Basic message: use direct, unless you have static proximity. Then we learned about transitions: name exchange and hand shake. Hand shakes imply conversation. Next, we learned about attraction. I'm a product. So, how can I "attractionize" my product and market myself most effectively? We looked at different ways to do this: attraction switches, intrigue/state-based attraction, and mastery topics.

    Day 1 in-field: The instructor-student ratio for my group was 3 students and Big Business. As I said above, I small-chunked my pre-bootcamp day-game learning. Big Business had a great anti-small-chunk analogy: if you are learning to play, e.g., Mortal Kombat, do you beat the first guy then restart the whole game and play him again? No, you keep going. That's exactly what we did: approach everything and stay in as long as possible. Big Business is a funny motherfucker. So, naturally, I asked how we could incorporate humor into the set. He had awesome ways to do that. It's insane how you can literally see the state-change in girls after humor is introduced. They melt. As Jeremy Soul said, confidence in the approach comes from sheer volume. Big Business pushed us into 2-set, 3-sets, 4-sets, retail sets, everything. E.g., this customer service chick was riding around on a segue, so Big Business told me to approach with, "Excuse me, I'm looking for a customer service girl on a segue, do you know where I can find one." I did this twice, and the second time the girl actually looked around for one — retard! "Whoa, don't think so hard, I'm obviously flirting with you." We switched groups and my group joined Micha and Whim. Working with them was sweet. I'm used to night game, so they told me to run day game like night game: tease, sexualize, and go for a quick number close (3 min). The two hottest sets I closed were done using this method. (One of the chicks literally just texted me.) Thanks guys!

    Day 2 seminar: We finished with attraction and moved into qualification. Qualification = "I understand your world and I like it." It makes closing/banging girls much easier. In day game, logistical escalation is essential, so much of the second day was on how to do this correctly. Finally, we briefly looked at comfort, seduction, and relationships. But really, today's in-field was about closing.

    Day 2 in-field: This time my group worked the whole day with Jeremy Soul and Mark V. Jeremy Soul forced us to think about the logistics of the approach: calibrate it. What is the best way/time for me to approach this girl? Like the first day, this was a get-out-of-your-comfort-zone day. While the first day was approach everything, the second day was approach insanely hot chicks. My lesson: the delivery of the approach determines how well the set will hook with gorgeous girls. I love asian chicks. So, I approached this GORGEOUS asian chick in a store (my first store approach —|awkward) and she blew me out. Mark V had a great way to deal with blow outs: "What a stupid bitch! Does she not know who she just blew out? I feel sorry for her." Thanks Mark V, you're exactly right, though. Jeremy Soul ended the bootcamp with a debrief and some inspiring quotes.

    Thanks to Jeremy Soul, Big Business, Micha, Whim, and Mark V. I had a very successful weekend, and couldn't have come close to achieving it without your guys' feedback. 40 sets a week? Psssh, here I come.

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    Glad you got a lot out of it dude =)

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    You performed kickass man, keep me posted with your progress!
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    Soren pretty much hit the nail on the head so I'm not going to reiterate what he stated so well.

    The hands down best part of the experience for me was getting to spend personal time with the masters of the game.

    These conferences aren't huge. They limit the number of seats which provides an environment that allows for some (basically) one on one time with the instructors.

    Every chance I got, I was picking Jeremy's and Big Business's brain. Never once did they seem put off by it or took a "holier than thou" attitude. They genuinely want to help you get over whatever it is that is holding you back from succeeding with women.

    For me, it was fear of rejection. Before I came out to Las Vegas, I had imagined that on my first approach that the target would laugh at me, record my embarrassment on her iPhone and upload it to Youtube where it would surpass the views of Antoine Dodson's AutoTune the News Bed Intruder remix.

    But with Jeremy and Whim right behind me, I had a surprising sense of calm. They had told us during the seminar that it wasn't so much about success or failure, but experience. Each approach you do grants you experience. That experience you take into the next approach, and the one after that, and the one after that. Pretty soon, you have so much experience under your belt that there's very little that you haven't seen or heard before and your ability to relax and ENJOY the interaction increases exponentially. Which, in turn, exponentially increases your chance of successfully courting the girl.

    I also loved how all the instructors complemented each other so well.

    Jeremy encouraged social awareness and advanced pua skills.
    Big Business took a more "Anyone, anywhere, anytime" method of teaching.
    And MarkV subscribed to the "Filter? What Filter?" approach.

    But all of them highly encouraged each of us to find our own method and never shoved their school of thought down our throat.

    All in all, it was one of the best experiences of my life. And this is coming from a guy who has never used that phrase before.

    I look forward to continuing this journey on my own and meeting up with the crew at the Super Conference next year.

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