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  1. I have been able to recover my journal that I was maintaining on IndianLiar in the form of html screenshots.

    The screenshots have been loaded into an album on imgur.

    I had many followers there and after IndianLiar closed down, there were many who were seeking to read them and draw lessons, if not inspiration.

    The link to the album is here

  2. About two months back, SM came into my life as a friend of a Tinder friend.

    We met for coffee and things went smoothly. Took her to my car and drove around and after finding a quiet place in Ballard estate, made out heavily with her, short of finger fucking.

    We could have gone into a room, but her sister and mom were waiting at home to go out for Navarathri dinner.

    So next time then.

  3. CF is a old friend who has come back into my life.

    We met at a Sunday event and decided to go for tea therafter. Sat in my car and lots of hands holding and fondling.

    went in for the kiss but she showed ASD. Let it go and went in for tea and again had a cosy time

  4. Mumbai journal

    SA met me 2 years back when we were in a common interview panel for admissions.

    An aggressive lady, she opened me at the lunch break, without knowing who I was. We exchanged numbers, kept in touch, discovered that her hubby was a common contact.

    She published her first book and invited me to it launch. A translation ensued. Now her new book, which is an inspirational memoir is in manuscript mode.

    We met over coffee for about an hour that extended to 4 hours.

    Kino, as much as possible in a 5 star environment. Verbal escalation, and establishing sexual interest got established.

    She got me an aftershave and told me to think of her when I used it.

    Will be meeting again soon :-)

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