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    I thought I will introduce myself here as well start posting all my progress here.

    First off I am 45+ from Mumbai, India. Widely travelled and athletic. Educated and well employed. Member of clubs etc.

    I am an AFC and recently came about books about The Game and got interested about it. Which male wouldn't?

    I decided, against all odds that I must see and best put the learnings into practice.

    I started searching the Internet for forums, such as this one, and then slowly discovered that there were categories such as social gaming , day gaming etc which suited my style and position in life better.

    After some lurking around I decided that this forum was the best one for me to share and take advice from.

    I personally suffer from some -ves in the Game:

    - AGe
    - No night clubbing lifestyle
    - Indian women are more gaurded
    - Lack of enough research and routines for Indian conditions
    - Most literature is for night club gaming and for younger players

    But on the other hand there are some +ves as well

    - High socio economic standing and hence higher DHV
    - Patience and lot of time. No urgency to close.

    Looking forward to your feedback as I go along.


  2. I am currently in a situation where i think there are 3 hot prospects that I can get to bed with. I will take the time to put forward their profiles one by one.

    The first one I will call M and she is first because I think that she is closes to a F close.

    M is a beautician and I have been availing of her services for more then 5 years now for facials and some such. Nothing erotic and all above board. Over this period of time we have exchanged numbers and I have helped her in many ways. Recently she decided to start her own parlor in a remote suburb. So meeting here is a little logistical, but I keep calling her up once a month or so and have brief conversations about how her business is doing, or how her daughter is in her studies etc.

    I have taken thing a bit sexual by telling her how hot she looked when I have met her personally so that she knows that I have sexual lust for her. She has received them with smile. I have asked her out for lunch in order to escalate things and she has not said NO, but I have also not made a firm date. She is now busy 7 days of the week in her own parlor. And Sundays are her most busy days since all ladies do their treatments on that day.

    I think I have established DHV, comfort. I am yet not sure about sexual attraction. I think I need to get into a physical meeting with her and escalate in two meetings to kino and then take it from there. But logistics and timing are the issues. Also of late I have noticed she does not respond back on her own.

    PUAs please assist

    Mumbai gent

  3. Here is more updates on M.

    - She is a divorcee and is about 38 years of age. She divorced about 14 years back and presumably has had no active sexual life after that.
    - Her daughter is 18 and they both stay with her parents
    - She has talked to me about getting married / finding a life partner etc. She asked me for an astrologers help and I recommended one but she did not go there. Was this a hint about wanting a man in her life?
    = She still calls me 'sir' since I have been her customer for many years.

  4. Here is something about R, the second prospect of mine.

    -She is a divorcee again, with no children.
    - She is well educated professional and lives with her parents
    - We meet at least 2-3 times a week since we work out together.
    - She has not hesitated to express herself in sexual language in my presence and indicated that she is still sexually excited by things.
    - On one occasion when she knew that my family was not at home and she had complained of a headache, I invited her over for a head massage followed by a soothing bath and dinner that I would fix for her. She did not say no or get offended, but smiled and said something about some later time etc.
    - I have called her out for coffeee but time logistics is an issue since Sundays are the only days available for both of us and it tends to get packed.

    Mumbai gent

  5. The third prospect is a recent entrant into my life via Facebook whom I shall call RM.

    She added me as a friend recently and I am quite cagey about admitting anyone whom I do not know from before. I told her this and also told her that I would admit her as my friend only if we have a more meaningful 'friendship'. She consented and we have been in regular private messaging mode.

    She is ofcourse married and is again a skin cosmetologist. She is working in a parlour and is quite active in social circles and charity work.

    She has also on her own effort suggested that we should meet to play badminton, a game that she stopped playing from her college days. I have suggested her out for coffee in a suburb that I often pass by. We have more or less agreed to let the Diwali days go by and then meet.

    More as events progress.

    Mumbai gent

  6. Having introduced 3 prospects, let me dwell on a few challenges about social circle gaming.

    * One is not sure if the female will throw up a tamtrum when you start escalating. Sometimes she may just be 'nice' to you and may be playing along without any intention of going forward. The last thing one wants is the shit hitting the fan because she starts revolting to the escalations. Most night club gaming in different in the sense that the girl is out to drink and loosen up and see if they can get lucky. Reading such signals may be a challenge in social circle gaming, especially in countries such as India where most females tend to be more conservative.

    Mumbai gent

  7. Tomorrow being Sunday, I decided to go over to the distant suburb that M now runs her parlor from. Called her up and wished her happy Diwali etc. Told her of my intention to come there and invited her out for lunch. Told her that I admired her positive energy and dynamism in opening her own parlor and striking out on her own etc. I also told her that she needed to have some adventure in her life and bring out the young girl in her. Too often she is bogged down with her role as a mother and as an employer. She needs to have adventure in an environment she can trust. She took it positively and was a little stunned on the phone to respond.

    However she declined to come out for lunch and also informed me that she had skipped worm due to a mild fever.

    Let us see how it goes.

    Mumbai gent

  8. I went to the suburb and after completing my other work, called her up. Seems she had just entered the parlor and was caught up in work. Said she would call back again. She did not call back. I am thinking of taking it a little strongly and texting her something on the lines of, " Understand that you are busy to call back. Happy Diwali by SMS, which I had thought of conveying in person. It was nice knowing you. All the best in your future endeavours"

    Any opinions? Will wait for feedback from this forum before sending it out.

    Mumbai Gent

  9. You are too much of a nice guy. Read about that in some pickup forums or books. I think you still have a good chance. I know that divorcees have a hard time in India.

  10. WWPickup:

    Thanks for being the first one to write back on my journal. Feels nice to know that there is an audience, even if that is of one :-) So far.

    If I have understood you correctly, you are saying that I am too much of a nice guy and that is not desirable from a scoring perspective. And that I should read about how to not be a nice guy in the pickup forums.

    Please do respond and let me rectify my position.

    Mumbai Gent

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