question about doing your thing in the city ?
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  1. question about doing your thing in the city ?

    hey guys,
    i wanna do sarging in the city ( and also on campus...but my uni. is not so large..) but the thing is , i think the hangout spots in the city are few and so quite regularly went to. So im thinking i might run into same girls every week and that sucks..what do you think i should do ? u ve got any ideas on this ? thanks

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    hit up another place that isn't too common where u go or where you don't really know people from that certain area.

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    or what you can do to make things interesting:

    hit up one bar that you find potential in, and make yourself a celebrity there.
    know the dj, waitress, bouncer, whatever...

    the thing is when you go in you should be like a hotshot, that way any girl you go up to there OR take there will practically be in your hands becasue of your social proof.


  4. thanks guys think ill consider those ^^

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