FR: Pulling f***-up
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    FR: Pulling f***-up

    Basically I got talking recently to this girl in the year above who's a bi-sexual art student with red hair and blue eyes.
    Last night I bumped into her at our uni club and we started making out and then we went back to her place for a shag, but I was completely trashed after about 10 hours of pretty heavy drinking and having only eaten one thing in the whole day.
    When we got back to hers she rolled a J which I decided to join in on smoking with her and her flatmate. After a few tokes I suddenly felt really sick so I got up to go to the bathroom, at this point I was salivating heavily and couldn't risk saying anything.
    I went to the door I thought was the bathroom and stepped in only to find it was one of her flatmates bedrooms, and she had company. She screamed at me asking who the fuck I was and what I was doing there, ordinarily I'd have apologised and said I was looking for the bathroom, but instead I threw up on her floor and was directed to the bathroom. While I was puking I heard my name being shouted and then her disgruntled flatmates saying 'WELL WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING HIM BACK THEN?'.
    When I'd cleaned the sick off my sleeve and the front of my shirt and made myself as presentable as the situation would allow, I went back into the living room and said 'Do you know how you know when you're an epic fail?', neither her nor the friend we had been smoking with looked me in the eye. Her friend then said 'yeah... epic fail', and then the girl I was with said 'your cigarettes and lighter are on the table, I think it would be best if you leave now'.
    When I got back home I just texted her 'Oops :P', she hasn't replied.
    This was going to be the first time I've had sex in over 2 years. Fuck my life lol.
    Any suggestions on how I can play this off well? Since inevitably the story is going to spread like wildfire and she's very well connected.

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    Red hair and blue eyes. Droooooooolllllllssssssssss. '

    Dude seems like you seriously fucked up. If it ever comes up, Just say i drank and smoked a bit to much, So what?

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