Possible LJBF situation
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    Possible LJBF situation

    To make a long story short, I met this girl, we have great chemistry, we always kino each other either when we're alone or with our group of friends. I always neg her (sometimes really hard. lol) and she's very responsive to my kino advances and she even does kino on me by herself!

    Overall I'd say we've spent about 11 hours together within the last two weeks....I got a few kisses in, but no real make out sessions....

    This girl seems to be showing me every IOI in the book, but she won't respond positively to even the SLIGHTEST hint of sexual innuendo that I bring up. I kind of brought it up in a tongue and cheek way with her (hope I'm using that term right) and she said that she still has to "get to know me better"....

    What does this really mean? I imagine if I can't get sexual with this girl pretty soon I might as well call it quits cuz I'd be in the friend zone, but it seems like she's holding off on having any type of sexual talk with me for some reason.

    Any advice? Is this a lost cause? Did I end up in the friend zone? Where did I mess up, if I did?

    oh yea and the 11 hours doesn't count online conversation, which is about 7 more hours total.

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    Well, you dont talk about the sexual topics. You do them, in a place that wont cockblock you.

    And when she said the get to know me better, well my take is this: you havent assured her that you wont fuck around with her and just leave. You need to let her feel that you are under her spell, pretend as if you are at least.

    Friend zone? Nah man. As long as you amp up the kino, even if its slow. You wont get to the Friend zone.

    Build more comfort with her is what i say.


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