Things Working For Me On POF
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    Things Working For Me On POF

    I've had a rocky start on Plenty Off Fish (weird, right?). I thought it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. I mean, these women are literally screaming "I NEED A MAN!"

    Alas, it wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to do a little homework and borrowing from other popular profiles to get into my own stride. Then I adjusted things according and, by trial and error, was able to get a lot.. I mean A LOT of messages and numbers. Just two nights ago I was on a date with this insanely hot girl I met from POF while 4 other women from the site were constantly texting me.

    I'm in NOOOO way a master at this. My drunken-monkey style is no match for a bunch of more experienced samurai masters but that doesn't mean someone can't benefit from some of my techniques.

    First of all I happen to have this awesome picture of me on a beach at a wedding in Hawaii. A close side shot. I have sunglasses on and I'm looking pretty GQ. Totally accidental but it works. My female friends on Facebook raved on how much they loved that picture so, obviously I decided to use it.

    I had other good pictures but I learned that they seemed to be a contradiction to the main picture. I may look GQ in one picture and like a party guy in another or a thug in a different picture. It's not common that a woman wants each one of those guys.

    Don't let the women lie to you. They are ALL about how you look on POF. You can't really social proof yourself by being surrounded by a bunch of adoring fans so it's all superficial on POF. You main picture can screw it up. Get your picture right.

    Now, some people may not agree with me on this next part regarding pictures, but this has been working for me. When it comes to POF pictures I exercise "Less is better". How many times have you see a female's main picture and go "Wow, she's sexy!" only to go to her page and see that she has 6 other pictures which say otherwise? Now, I know we prefer to see all those other pictures so we know what we are dealing with, but if she only had that one picture then you would be all over her.

    Well, I took that experience and applied it to my own profile. I'm a pretty good-looking guy but I know that not every picture you have isn't flattering. What you might think is a good picture may not be in her opinion. After taking down all the 6-7 pictures I used and only used the single main picture my message count shot up dramatically. Women just LOVE that picture that I have. So why would I put other pictures on my profile that are only worse than my main one?

    I use that great picture as bait and then, once I'm in with them, I can run my game. That's when all your great pick-up material can take over. But you have to get her attention first. This has been working for me.

    Naturally she's going to ask you for more pictures. That's the beauty of what you put on your profile. At the top of my message section I put in asterisks something along the lines of:

    **Please don't get upset if I haven't responded immediately. I try to reply to everyone so it might take a little bit longer. Also, I'm new to this area and I'm just interested in meeting fun and open-minded people who like to explore new venues. I'm not interested in just hooking up so please don't ask to trade pictures**

    That's my safety net right there from having to send more pictures and giving the girl a chance of saying "Well I don't like this picture as much, so nevermind" before you had a chance to talk to her. Whenever a woman asks if I have more pictures I say:

    "Uh oh. Another woman who doesn't read profiles. Tsk Tsk."

    Women will not want to admit that they are just like men and don't really read profiles because they are always bitching on how men don't read THEIR profiles. F-ing hypocrites lol. A small few have responded with:

    "Well I just want to know what you look like so I'll know if I want to talk to you."

    To that I usually say something like: I'm awesome. Of course you'd want to talk to me. But I'm not looking to date. I'm just looking for cool new people in the area so it doesn't matter to me what they look like."

    I mean, everything isn't verbatim but you get the idea. You gotta cover your arse in your profile and stay congruent when they contact you. Don't immediately contradict your profile by trying to jump a chick's bones too soon. You gotta make it seem like she changed your mind about dating because she has proven to be unique and awesome. That's Pick-Up 101. lol

    I didn't intend to spend so much time on the picture section but, as I was typing, I realized that there was a lot of experience that I wanted to share.

    So, back to when I said that you're not to contradict your profile being falling all over a female immediately. That also pertains to when you decide to contact a woman on POF as well. I've learned that your subject line can make or break your chances. I've shuffled through so many until I found one that works for me. This is so crucial if you are initiating contact with a woman because they receive so many notes that will just delete a lot of them that don't catch their eye. So, if your main picture is good but not great, you need your subject line to back you up. Otherwise... wait a few weeks, change your picture and try again.

    The subject line that has been giving me a huge amount of turnaround is "Please be a weirdo". Women have been so curious as to what the hell I'm talking about. Then, in my message I hardly EVER address my subject line. I generally say something about what's in their profile. This throws them completely off. I've gotten several "LMAO@ your subject. "

    As I said, my message is usually commenting on their profile. I might agree that "John Mayer is awesome. I just went to his concert" or I might say "Wow. Longest relationship has was 7 years? That's dedication. I bet you learned a lot from that." Sometimes I just say "Lol. You are absolutely adorable." I just make sure that I don't tell them "Wow, you're beautiful." There are extremely rare situations where that has worked but remember they hear that all the time. You're profile better be on point in order to pull that one off. "60% of the time it works every time" for me

    Once again, these are things that has been working for me. I'm no master but I'm all about helping out my bros whenever I can.

    Another note (i'm giving away all my secrets lol) that has worked for me is a subject like of "You're such a jerk". Please believe that they read that one lol. In the text, though, I DO address my subject. I'll find something on their profile and say for example: How dare you be so cute and live 2 hours away? Such a tease, jerk Or maybe Here I am thinking that I finally found an awesome profile and then I find out you're a Cowboys fan. So close . The key is to be playful, of course.

    I'm going into detail because I know how some people crave examples- like myself. So I'ma give you guys ONE MORE thing that I do that may help you.

    POF will tell you who has viewed your profile. If I see that someone that I find attractive has viewed my profile but hasn't sent me a note, I will write them with one one of my subject lines or maybe one that says "Caught You!". Then in the text I'll say something along the lines of: "Tsk Tsk. I caught you looking. You know where I'm from when people are caught looking they at least say "hi". Are you shy or something? That's extremely adorable.". That has worked a lot for me as well.

    I really didn't plan on writing so much but I hope that something I said here will help one of you in some way. Just do me a favor and try not to use my exact lines if you live in the DMV region. Neither one of use wants to get called out LOL.


  2. Interesting stuff. Sounds like you have a great picture and I`m glad you outlined the importance of a great picture, because that`s the key if anyone wants online success. If you posted a link to your profile and a couple of full transcripts where you opened, that would be highly benefical for a lot of guys on here.

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    As soon as I took all my pics down except for my really good one, I instantly started getting more messages and girls wanting to meet me. Very effective. Thanks bro.

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    Great post! Bravo, and liked!

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