Tenmagnet & Cajun Bootcamp - Vancouver, October 2010
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  1. Tenmagnet & Cajun Bootcamp - Vancouver, October 2010

    First I'll start with a little background info on myself so you know where my review is coming from. I'm from Australia and I've never been great with girls. I had a few experiences here and there, but in hindsight it was more to do with luck than anything else. I ended up falling for a girl online, and made the decision to move to Vancouver to be with her. Just before I arrived, however, she told me she'd found a new boyfriend. I was crushed that she could dismiss me so easily, and I ended up with a terrible case of oneitis.

    Fast forward 2 months and I'm doing a full bootcamp with Tenmagnet and Cajun.

    Right from the beginning I could tell that Tenmagnet had a lot of experience as a dating coach, because a lot of the things he was talking about were issues I (and most likely everyone else) was having. The two instructors bounced of each other really well, and Cajun also taught us some incredibly powerful stuff. Both instructors really do care about their students and to me it felt like although it was their job, their desire was focused on helping people.

    The in-field part of the bootcamp was also invaluable, and I was pushed into numerous sets throughout both nights. They also wing some of your sets and provide you with instant feedback on what you're doing right and where you're going wrong. There were 7 students in total, with 2 instructors and 2-3 assistants. I never felt lost or overwhelmed in the club, but instead I felt like there was a real support group there. Not only was it informative but also a whole lot of fun!

    After the bootcamp my approach anxiety went from 'crippling' to 'manageable', and I now have a framework that I can work with that will eventually evolve with my own style. The oneitis I'd been battling for months was literally destroyed that weekend, and I'm now enjoying single life again. I know for that I'll always feel a deep sense of gratitude towards both my instructors, and also the assistants.

    I was a little skeptical at the beginning and I signed up out of desperation more than anything, but in hindsight $3000 was an absolute bargain and I definitely recommend this bootcamp to anyone who's serious about improving their game.

    -kaRma_aus AKA Remy

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    I attended a seminar that cajun and tenmagnet ran in australia and those guys are the real deal for sure

    glad to hear you got a lot of value out of it!

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