Help me Attraction Forums ;(
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    Help me Attraction Forums ;(

    Hey all. I'm in my mid 20s attending college after a long break. Compared to some of the guys here, I'm not as unfortunate. My count of girls is 3. I have no fucking clue how, but that's just how it is.

    The truth is, I'm a social retard. But I'm trying not to be. I walk around thinking "I am the kind of guy I want to be around", but it doesn't make it a lot easier. Frankly, for the past 4 years, I was a big fish in a small pond at work. Now I'm a small fish in a huge pond. This is for the better, cuz there's now plenty of fish!

    But there's the thing. It's been 3 weeks, and I don't even have a friend. I mean I have a lot of FB friends, but I don't hang out. I have very little interactions besides staring at the hot girls all over campus.

    So what do I fucking do? I'm planning on going out this weekend, no pussying out. I was planning on doing the 30-day challenge but I read that according to Conquer Your Campus, the typical open/attract, etc. doesn't work as well in college. And frankly, I just want to improve my social skillset, if I get lays then all the better, but I could do as well if I don't (used to it for a while now, hahaha).

    Any thoughts? Advice? (btw, I'm @ u c s b)

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    I say join a frat.

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