Social circle Alpha to act?
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  1. Social circle Alpha to act?

    Basically this has come up a few times...

    I will be talking with something during the day, and I'm invited to go out, or we plan a night out, etc. Later that day I'll usually tell whoever organized the night to let me know when they are heading (usually because I've got a lot of work to do so I'll be doing that in the mean time)...When it comes to the time of night though, I'll never be let known - and I mean never, the only times I am reminded is if I bump into them getting ready, see them just before, or see them as they are heading out...

    Now I can't see myself as being a social leech, since I organize parties myself and people love them, so I'm not sure why it's happening. But my biggest issue right now is, how do I get it to stop?

    Do I call them out on it, or will that be a huge Beta move - because it will sound like I am complaining and needy? Other then that I don't know what to do...any help would be appreciated

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    Don't call them out on it. Just text them again later. Its not that hard.

  3. People who organize parties are notorious for failing to fulfill duties and responsibilities that of organizers - such as notifying the attendants of important info and/or supplying time/directions to their events or parties.

    With that in mind, all you need to do is have self-control and always be polite with them - they are the types of people who are most likely to have a short fuse most of the times, and you do not want to piss them off. So what that entails is you having to be nice to them and simply sending them a text message or calling them again just to remind them about what they had said earlier. That's all. Simple, isn't it? The hardest part is maintaining self-control, because party organizers surely know how to piss many people off with their frequent lack of responsibility and flakiness.

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    Lmaoo, you don't have to be nice to them for them to invite. If they're not letting you know that they're going to do whatever they invited you to do then maybe it's because they feel you're not that important or useful to them. Don't be dependant on these guys to have a good time. You should be hanging out with girls, and know where the parties are at so that you always have a back up plan and they think of you as being knowledgeable about that sort of thingggg.

  5. ^ There's that view too... just depends on how he wants to go about it in the end. I normally advise not to burn bridges and try to make every situation work towards your favor...

  6. I've been in tons of those situations. I used to live in a fraternity with tons of people and everyone was really close with everyone else but it always seemed like one person or another is left out. The reason is that when you are in a big group about to party, you're focused on yourself and on having fun. It's nothing personal about you, it's just that people forget to call because they are having a good time. If you truly believe that these people like you and you are friends with them, there is nothing wrong with calling them or texting them. I've always done it and my friends have always done that. If, however, you find yourself texting people and not getting a single response back then you need to reevaluate the situation. Also, a lot of times people will give a short respons, for example "The Lounge." Thats an invite. To answer your question on point, i'd say be an alpha and show up to where you were invited. FUCK IT

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    Dude ..If people don't call are not important enough.
    If you don't get respect you are being Beta at some point.
    I always have 2-3 invites to go to and who cares if the X, Y and Z failed to call you .stop crying be a man ..go get some Pussy.

  8. Thanks guys, you've put it into a new light, and for the hard words to knock a bit of sense back into me, haha...I personally wouldn't prefer to burn bridges living in a dorm, otherwise I might be more blunt about it

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