When girls peak/stare at you what do you do ??

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  1. When girls peak/stare at you what do you do ??

    I am very shy in fact close to anti-social. But sometimes I feel really comfortable and talk to other people first

    But most of the time I am just shy. When girls peak/stare at me I just stand and act cool and do nothing about it. I guess I kinda like the peaking they give me.

    But should I approach when girls actually give me a stare??

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    People stare at other people for one reason: They see something that interests them. Now, it could be that there's something weird, awkward or funny (in a bad way) about you, so they're staring. But I'm assuming that there's nothing weird-looking or unusual about you. So you do what all PUA's do: you assume they're staring because they see something they like, you!

    In case you're unfamiliar with the term, this is what we call an "approach invitation." She's giving you some sign that she wants you to talk to her. So if they're staring, all you have to do is walk up and open your mouth.

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    A stare is a huge IOI, you should know from reading magic bullets :P but yea definitely act on it if you want or are improving/practicing your game.

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    Thats an inner problem. Work on yourself, get out of your comfort zone a lot more. Do crazy shit until the crazy shit dont feel crazy no more.

  5. What if it's like a peak

    like when you walk past a girl and they peak at you for like 2-3 seconds and just looks away.

    and sometimes when a girl peaks and I look at them they just turn their face around pretend like nothing happened

  6. Do you know it only takes 2-3 seconds before a woman can? determine if
    there is enough attraction to sleep with you.

    If any woman stares at you for that long...she is interested.

    Good news: it is an invitation to approach. She actually opens for you.
    Bad news: You've been walking around rejecting women left and right...lol

    Body language is important. You can amaze your friends that dont understand
    by successfully opening many times when there was hardly any risk involved.

    And Please dont listen to these guys with these Don Juan openers.
    If she gives you an invitation to approach..a simple "Hi" will work wonders.
    Some "PUA" advice is pure overkill.

    Mixed messages are complicated. There are millions of reasons why the exist,
    but the point is that they are both good and not so good. If there is good...
    roll the dice.

  7. I am 18 year old btw. It's not like I meet girls in clubs or anything. Just public places.

    So what if they stare at you for that long, how would I approach ?

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    It means they want your cock bro. You have basically been saying "no" to pussy for a while, and I'm assuming your good looking, I am too, and I used to be just like you. I actually just started approaching girls checking me out recently and it is actually really funny because they try to hold back the fact that they are excited that you noticed them and some of them kind of smile when they see you coming, others get nervous and just stare at you. Its so damn funny how cute they are when they see a guy approaching they like and try to act off the fact that they are excited and horny, do them a favor and talk to them man.

  9. What do you usually say to the girls when you approach them ??

  10. Just say "Hi"

    The Don Juan stuff is totally unnecessary.
    Dont overthink things.

    As long as you are not a douche..she will talk.

    The attraction is there...you dont have to open building attraction.

    It would be redundant..kind of like watching a guy who is drowning
    out a woman's attempts to qualify herself...by dhvs and attempts to
    build attraction that is obviously there.

    Attraction that strong will have her qualifying in minutes.

    Just touch her as soon as possible. Introduce yourself and shake her hand.
    She may not even let go.

    Also the attraction is there..so you can go to qualification early and find things
    unique to her to appreciate. Now you like her for a legitimate reason. That makes
    her want to spend time with you again.

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