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  1. Very quick question

    So I will try to make this brief. There is an HB 9ish that I have been working on for a long time. We dated a while back, banged, all that good stuff but then I stopped talking to her for another girl. I always kept her on the backburner though. I am a lawyer/movie producer and I have a pretty big movie that is premiering soon and I always thought she would be a good date to the premiere. Hence, I slowly started things up again. They seemed to be going well until we were supposed to hang out this weekend and she just stopped responding to text messages (I'd post them, but they weren't anything special in either direction). She just texted me and said "Sorry I didn't respond the other night."

    Now I know this girl fairly well, but I am still not going to give her the "that's ok" answer. Does anyone have any good ideas? She really is pretty hot, so I could probably neg here, but quite frankly I am tired and not creative right now. Any help is much appreciated.

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    "I'm putting you on text probation punk :P"

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