Jeremy Soul Bootcamp - Oslo, October 2010 (w/ Venture & Mark V)
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    Jeremy Soul Bootcamp - Oslo, October 2010 (w/ Venture & Mark V)

    Having attended a bootcamp with Mr M a year and a half ago, I signed up for Jeremy Souls bootcamp in Oslo this weekend looking for new input and some more structure to my game. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about how rewarding the seminar-part of the bootcamp would be to me, but Soul consequently delivered above and beyond my expectations.

    Most of the students had dipped their feet in the water doing cold approaches before, and I felt Soul tailored the material to the skill level of the group very well. Presenting the models and techniques from Love Systems from his well-known angle of day-game and sensual style, the experience was uniquely different from my previous bootcamp with Mr M and complemented it nicely. I would recommend anyone in my situation, wanting to take the red pill again and revitalize their game, to consider a second bootcamp.

    Approach coaches Venture and Mark V made the in-field portion of the seminar a hard, but rewarding experience. Especially Venture, which I worked with the most, dragged me through some great epiphanies on the first night, only to leave me to push myself just at the right time on our second night out. His earnest critique and well-timed changes in coaching strategy left me with just what I was looking for; Noticeable improvements in skill and the experience of being able to push myself greatly beyond my comfort zone without an instructor holding my hand.

    All in all, I've come out of this weekend armed to the teeth with tools that will take my game to new levels in the months to come. Thank you!

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    I participated in this bootcamp along with Pushpull.

    Having been single for 1.5 years now, and not intently hitting on a girl in almost 4 years I felt it was time for a change.

    This was my bootcamp.

    As I entered the bootcamp's conference room I was excited beyond anything I've felt since I still believed Santa himself brought me presents for Christmas, and at the same time scared shitless for what kind of challenge I had brought upon myself.
    My worries were to be proven groundless.


    My knowledge of the pick-up community and its theories wasn't wide, and it still isn't, though I read a little bit some years back. Being pre-judgemental I presumed Soul to be a cocky moron, just for being a PUA. Well, I was wrong. He quickly built comfort and framed the situation to suit what we were about to learn.
    Soul presented the material very well. For me having the complicated stuff explained with simple language was perfect as there are so much material to remember.


    I must say having Soul, Venture and Mark V with me (I'm saying me, as whenever I needed a hand to grip tightly one of them was there) was crucial. Not having done a concious cold-approach in almost 4 years gave me AA beyond my wildest dreams. I'm usually a composed person, not much startle me, but Friday night was horrible up until Venture took the lead and pushed me through a couple of sets and opened my eyes.

    Venture surprised me a lot. With him being a MASSIVE guy, and seducing girls through domination seems to be his speciality I kinda expected being taught by him would be like marching with the drill sergeant all over. As with Soul I was wrong. Again. Venture turned out to be really great. He knew when to push me; when to give me some slack before he pushed me back out, and maybe the most important thing: I felt totally comfortable with him in-field as he gives out a vibe of trust and comfort. Furthermore he taught me so many subtle, thought still super important details. Therefore he was the one I turned to more often than Soul and Mark V.

    Mark V has probably the coolest attitude I've ever encountered. His mantra: "Fuck It". Whenever I felt insecure or "down" I could turn to Mark V and he would raise my mental state using the meaning of those two important words: It doesn't matter if you're blown out, the girl you're hitting on doesn'n know you... Yet.


    This bootcamp opened my eyes to what has been long lost. I opened lots of sets, felt comfortable with it and can't wait to further explore this for me unknown territory.

    I can highly recommend a bootcamp, as I would never have had the patience to read this material myself nor the guts to take the leap it is opening a set for the very first time. Now I must practice, practice, practice.

    It all depends on me.

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    Oslo is basically heaven on earth. I love you guys. Thanks for an awesome weekend!
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    Was an amazing weekend! All you guys just seriously rock!

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    I participated the same Bootie.
    My life changed when I read the MysteryMethod book. Later I also got Magic Bullets.

    For long, 1.5 years I have reading and discussing the theory, mostly with girls as they love to discuss these things. But never had the balls to go out and approach.

    I am not quite sure whos responsible but I must say a big thank you for teaching direct approach. Instead of all the indirect stuff with its long way around, wich feel awkward and dishonest in my head, I can now go out, be totally honest, say excactly what I feel AND save a lot of time. Real good!

    For me all theory was known so seminar was kinda redundant, what I needed was practise. Quite nervous on friday, but venture gave me some warmups "ask her when this place closes" "tell her shes beautiful, and leave". Those two last words there was genious! "I can do that!" Of course they responded well and I thought, lets stay.. Friday was a blast! "Tell her shes beautiful and drag her off the dancefloor" Approached some 12-13 girls and had my best night out ever! Too shaky and rookie to get really going, but this will change with more practise!

    Saturday started with high expectations....For some reason the girls didn`t respond very well and my confidence went down the drain. Looking back though, there where a few happy faces and good responses. Way beyond what I have done before..

    And these are girls I want to be with, not what I settled with! Gorgeous ladies!

    On the way home I opened a girl on the plane, teased and demonstrated value, got IOIs and did som kino (whatevers possible in a plane seat). Now I know where she lives, what hobbies she have, what she studies, what she likes when travelling, how she gets sick in turbulence, but not her number. Fuck! Should have asked for facebookfriends, don`t be needy I said to myself. Now I`ll propably never see her again. Doublefuck!

    This weekend will be remembered to my last day on earth I guess.. qoutes like "Duuude, don`t listen to the girls man, they don`t know shit", "Youre pecking man! Don`t do that!", "I`m the man in this relationship, I`m leading" and "youre gorgeous, you should talk to me" still spins in my head.

    Sticking points for me are clearly
    1) Approaching
    2) Inner Game, getting in state

    What I missed was some conversation practise at the hotel. Say a few lines at the hotel, roleplaying. Then it would be easier to not blank when we hit the field. You learn by doing..
    And social circle mastery..

    Won`t be any practising this weekend as I am a father, but next weekend I`m going out with work and have a girl I`ve textgamed coming in from Oslo (think she comes due to me ) Have a deal with another girl that she will give me social value and help me pick up, In return she gets the pleasure of choosing who I approach. Will ask this favour of three other goodies aswell Still needs a little push I guess

    Thank you all three!


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