any books for picking up 10s specifically?
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  1. any books for picking up 10s specifically?

    Anyone know of any books that talk about how to pick up 10s? Not necessarily strippers or hired guns, but generally women who are beautiful enough to be models.


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    There's a 9 and 10 game interview in the interview series that is pretty good
    24: Virgin
    25: First lay
    26: Thirtieth lay
    27: First threesome
    28: ??

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    Nothing to it but to do it. Next time u go out make it a goal to talk to the hottest girls in the bar. Game them the same as u would always. U just have to do it.
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  4. There is no book about it. Just be a man, go there and start to use your game. Btw, in my personal opinion, it is easier to pick up a HB10 than a HB7. REally cause many man thing that it is hard to get the HB10 so they hit firstly the HB7. So an average HB7 is approached at least 10 times in a night while the HB10 has 2 approaches. So HB7 start to use her b*tch shield more often. So go out and take the girl.

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    There aren't necessarily books specified around picking up 9s and 10s, but the books that are designed to help you improve with women (Magic Bullets, The Game, The Mystery Method, etc.) are the ones that help you get to 9s and 10s.

    Sarging is sarging. There is no "higher" level of gaming that allows you to pick-up any type of woman you want, it's just about practice and patience.

    Work your way through your weaknesses and improve your strengths - you'll start seeing 9s and 10s becoming interested at some point, just don't stress over it.

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