POF is impossible...
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    POF is impossible...

    It really is. For one thing, the girls go online like once every 2 weeks, so its impossible to get any sort of momentum going. Ive just had this girl messaging me back and forth, shes been really interested, i used the "would you rather" game and she was saying how she liked the game, always asking me about my responses etc. eventually i drop the "would you rather give me your number etc" line and she doesnt respond. Im like wtf? I thought she might at least respond and say she didnt want to give out her number. So i messaged her just to say...

    "look whats the deal, you spent all that time writing to me yet you have no intention of taking the interaction into real life, i thought you would at least come back with some sassy response but to say nothing is just lame."

    and she replied

    "sorry dude i just didnt want to have to say no. It was really nice talking to you though"

    so wtf gives? I followed the model that literally EVERYONE on here said was succesful, and it just fails hard even though she was really into it until i went for the number. It seems to me that the girls are just not interested in meeting up, but they go on there to get validation. Fuck that, wont be wasting my time on there anymore.

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    Getting girls is a numbers game. I can get 2-3 dates a week with my system on POF. I have taught other guys to do the same. I have heard people have also used Cajun's, Dave M's, and David Wygant's system for success. Everyone that has success plays the numbers game. In July sent hundreds of emails in a week on POF. I got back over 400 emails. I got over 40 numbers and I am still setting up dates with these girls. I would say that if you got a 20% close rate, you would be awesome.

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    Agreed. It IS a number's game. One of my favorite David M's quote "if you are getting 10% you are doing pretty good". Remember, you should always be emailing and trying different stuff. Try different profiles, different pictures. Just keep sending out emails. If a certain method is not working out for you try a different one, tweak it. The problem with most of guys online is that they give up too quickly. The more you do the better you get. You need to detach yourself from the outcome, and not have unrealistic expectations. Don't expect every single girl you talk to give out their number.

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    yeah the problem is ive run out of girls. Ive messaged maybe 20 girls and i literally cant find any others that are attractive. This is within 30 mile radius of my house. Of the few that were on the hook, the one that was really into it proved that she was only there for validation. Ive got a few messages from ugly or boring girls, but im not interested in that so i dont reply to them.

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    I think if you're getting a limited response, increase the amount of miles to the nearest major city and large university in the region, if you live in a small town and there's a larger town 20 miles away, put that down, and don't assume the boring girls are boring in person until you meet them. Usually when you change towns and zip codes around a bit, I noticed that I'll get more responses, then it dies down a bit. Can't base anything on anyone until you've met them, plus odds are you'll wind up seeing some of them out and about. I know I have and there's this mutual "you look familiar" thing that happens, and later on will get a message, or saw her checking the profile but didn't write.

    My reply back to the girl who blew you off is "if you're not interested in a guy, you're leading them on by writing back and forth on a date site, because they're assuming this is going to lead to a date. Being ignored is far worse then telling someone they're not your type."

    And if she writes back, ignore her.

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    Sending a hundred email only to get 10 back, shit who has that much time and patience. Just go approaches and if you get 5/10 success at least you'll know why the other 5 didnt like you.

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    Just like everyone else said, itís a numbers game. It took me a while to get the results that I do now by experimenting.

    I try to use humor if she stops responding to get her to respond. Sometimes I use Dave Mís line, "Are you playing hard to get? Already?"... It usually gets her to respond. If she doesnít, I move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David_T View Post
    Sending a hundred email only to get 10 back, shit who has that much time and patience. Just go approaches and if you get 5/10 success at least you'll know why the other 5 didnt like you.
    copy and paste bro... and tbh its easily worth it

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    Maybe its your profile/pics?...girls on pof in my experience usually(not all) have some kind of issue, whether it be self-esteem, bitterness from a past relationship, or ego-boosting, a lot are just plain crazy, so I'd definitely go out and sarge in real life, get to know the psychology of a woman and use online game as a supplementary tool.....

    Source:Me this year alone I've gone on dozens of dates with dozens of women from POF

  10. New chciks are signing up to PoF all the time, so there`s always some to game. To get good at online game, I recommend setting up your profile in a city that is similar to yours, but about a hundred miles away at least, and trying out anything and everything until you can a get a solid routine stack down where you can number close consistently. Then, when things are working change the location back to your home town, game some chicks, get some meet and lays, then move the profile and try again, until your success rates keep increasing. This way you can try out anything without worrying about burning out all the hot chicks in your city. It`s a bit of work, but your game will definately improve for it, as you`re not attached to the outcome.

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