Critical Moment in the game

Hiya, im a noob here but hopefullly ive stuck this in the right section.

Jokes tho, ill run u upto speed with the sofars. I met this girl and basically totally made all the right moves and got her number and a kiss. She was saying shes single and we met a few times at the pub were we drank were merry and she couldnt keep her hands of me. Then shes like what are my intentions, so i actually dropped the ball in the game and told her i wanted to see if she was up to being my gf. She was like "meh meh meh im not gf material". But i worked it showed her i was still interested at that moment, i was very drunk and she knew it and she thought she was taking advantage of my drunkeness

her mate told me to play hard to get cos apparently this girl only wants what she cant have so im like damn straight thats a good 1.

I stop all that talk and just talk to her (on msn shes a addict for it) and she just keeps getting me ask her dirty questions and im thinking score, but i play it proper cool, like im more inqisitive then thinking of it as anything like shes offering sex etc. so i bite and play for a while.

So then i find out shes still shagging her ex, and that ticked me of. So i straight up said to her didnt realise it was so complicated ill back of. Shes like dunno dunoo etc "i know what i want and what i need to do, but i cant do what i need to do". I just allowed her and let her do her own thing for a few days and then i start talking to her proper casual like a little bit distanct just idle chitter chatter.

Sorry its so long! Im keeping it on a level with her, just being friendly not possesive needy wanty or any of that bad stuff, just cool confident and like i dgaf. then im a little tipsey one night and i just straight up said to her something like "hows it going at your bf" and shes like her ex aint her bf and im like "well if u spend all ur time at his, are shagging him and also with him, that kinda makes him your bf"

shes like negatory hanging out and having sex doesnt make it a relationship and im like woops sorry and cut the convo short and go away. imho no matter what a girl says if shes sleeping with a dude and at his house and hangs with him = bf (actions speak louder then words right!)

so then were playing the dirty question game and i work it in that i find it a little uncomfortable talking about these things with her cos were mates, and i dont think mates should think about each other like that!

she then "got back" with her bf i think last week, but me and g had ended up having a mini date and it went perfectly just kept my cool just had fun being a total gent.

this was like yesterday, saw her today she was with said bf, and a few mates, and being all cuddly with bf think shes actually trying to make me jealous atm cos shes always proper bitching about how hes crap, and a rubbish boyfriend and he doesnt get her.

If she offers me fuck buddies or sex im turning that straight down not interested in that bs, just gonna tell straight its all or nothing when it gets to that point, but its at critical mass.

Im not to sure when or how to strike atm. All the IOI are there and that she also keeps teasing saying "i bet ur shit in bed" in a very suggestive way as if its a prove me wrong kinda thing lol, but i need to get this bf out the picture and out the way, im just doing the sop of showing her im better, and she knows this how do i destroy and when do i strike?!?

also forgot to mention when i met her yesterday it was me and the g and then a female friend and the female friends boyfriend, then today we met for coffeee we were all doing different things in town with her female friend, and guy friend as well. were going to the moons, so i ducked out of that "friend" hangout and went to meet my bro. haha. she also keeps saying gonna dump him etc lol so yeah think im doing mostly right things neways :P