FR: Back at Cold Approaching

I've been somewhat of a hiatus from cold-approaching in the last 6 months. Have done some but mostly been traveling, hanging out with my OLTR and onlydoing social/party and online game.
Now I'm back at it, and will try to be fairly well-rounded with my skills.

I'll try to log my night and day game approaches.
This week I'll try to baseline where I'm at and what to work on for subsequent weeks.

My opener was a simple "hey I want to meet you" and I introduce myself. (I know. that's just what I'm doing now. for better or worse I'll be more community-style in the future)

Last night: Typhoon, a fairly high energy place.

Set 1: Two swiss girls in smoking area. I open by "cheers!"ing cigarettes. Conversation is basic traveling and Europe discussion. Eventually a guy comes by and talks to the one I was talknig to. I switch to the other one but eventually they take her to go with them further inside the bar.

[Comment: Not sure what to do here]

Set 2: Blowout (shake hands on introduction, turns away)
[Comment: IIRC this was a big set. I would need a higher energy opener here]

Set 3: 3 set. Opens. They're pretty ADD though (go spontaneously into dance). One girl takes some interest and asks some questions before getting distracted. I switch to the other girl saying how her getup makes her look like a fortune-teller. Eventually she gets distracted too.
[Comment: Just need to be more fun, wild, bantery etc. for these sets. I simply wasn't "shiny" enough]

Set 4: A 3set. Opens. I talk to the hottest girl who expresses some interest. Don't remember the conversation well, though. Eventually they run off and she apologizes profusely saying how she can't lose them etc. and runs off with them.
[Comment: Should have worked the group more. Or look for reopen.]

Set 5: Another blowout on opening

Set 6: A seated 2set. Eventually ran out of things to say.
[Comment: The conversation was also not that great from the beginning. This is a clear case where more creativity or routines were necessary]

Set 7: 4set. Opened well. An Asian girl gave a good opporunity for C/F and I ran with it ("is it hot in here or is it me?" and I talk about how my presence brings heat waves with me). She's friendly and we close distance til our faces are about 6 inches apart. We talk for a bit. Eventually however she says she just got there and should rejoin her GFs.
[Comment: Perhaps I missed a window to escalate. Or perhaps I should've just looked to reopen later]