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  1. Plz help

    gf ttext yesterday heya ,just out shopping u ok??i replied and i havnwht heard anything off her since then.I dont really know what to do i feel she's doing it on purpose as she said the other day " i know ive been distant with you and everytime i see you it upsets me".I dont know why that is mind,do i give her space and leave it or end things??We havnt been the same for last few weeks she's been childish with me for no real reason and i just feell she's trying to punish me would really apreciate any advice on what to do ??

    Thanks alot

  2. she might be cheating on you dude.

  3. Ye man it has crossed my mind,but i asked her and she said she couldnt believe i asked her that and went mental lol :S.

  4. We're over now i finished it.Cheers anyway

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    For the best from the sounds of it.

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    Good choice. The dead giveaway was obviously the line about her getting upset when she sees you. Why would she, other than the fact she cheated on you and feels bad?

  7. Ive asked her a few times and she hasn't cheated dont matter now anyhow.She wants to meet up to talk about things saying sh deosnt know what she wants.I'll just cut that loose.


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    I took what she said as being annoyed with you every time she saw you "but I don't know why, you just do", but she sounded like she was being annoying and irritating herself. Maybe she did or didn't cheat, but I took it as being frustrated about something.

    When you meet up with her, she's not going to tell you right away, and she's not going to answer with direct questions. She'll tell you "I don't know" at first, but you have to keep coming back to it if you're going to get an answer. That whole time, she's working it out in her head how to tell you and hoping you're not going to react badly. Like I said, it might not be cheating, but things that annoy her about you.

    "So what's been on your mind the past few weeks? You seem tense."

    And the simple thing to say to someone like that is "you have the choice to stay or go, and so do I. I don't want to be with someone who feels that I annoy them, if that's how they feel." I'd go indirect with using "they" or "them" and not "you" when she's not being forthcoming..

    If I want to ask someone if they're seeing someone else, I'll just go "the worst case situation wouldn't be cheating, it would be lying to me about it, I can forgive someone who cheats if they told me, but someone who lies? Not so easy for me to forgive them."

    There's a difference between being upset because you're guilty about something, and upset because you're pissed off at someone or something, and just looking at them makes you feel tense.

  9. Ye thanks mate,i dont think she cheated 2bh but ye her being pissed makes sense.I dunno if you've seen my other posats but she thought i ignored her for 7 weeks.She said she wants to talk to me and whther it will sort us out depends on things,and i said changes and she said ye.So i imagine it's something shes not happy with that ive been doing eg i never really commited well to her family and i do feel bad about it.The thing is i would stay with this girl if was going to be all good.But she said can we talk in a few days and i dont want to just talk and nothing comes out of it i dont know if she's just trying to mess me around.Spoke on the fone this morn she sounded bit upset and i asked if she missed me and she said ye.And i said you dont want us to end and she no and that she still thought we were togther and it all happend so quick :S dunno where she got that one from.But then she starts saying i dont know what i want and i said we either are together or we're not and she's like can't we just talk in a few days.I dont really know whether to blow it off let her come to me.Because i want to start getting over her im quite hurt and dont want to be messed around.

    Thanks alot

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