Trouble transitioning
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    Trouble transitioning

    So recently divorced blabbla bla sob story etc etc......Now I read some stuff on this great site, and other books and tried this in the field. Well this weekend I did pretty well in opening, got alot of interest but kind of froze in the middle of it. The thing was the club was loud (Excuse) but I felt like I wasnt being myself or comfortable and just either left, or allowed them to move away. How can I go from meet--greet---present to actually getting a number or further conversation. I feel like I hit a wall, and not sure what I should try to break through it.

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    The big thing in transition I find is being observant. About the girl, about the surroundings..because then you can make comment on it and find out more about her.... If you are REALLY stuck, cold reading still works (although im amazed it does), so read up a little about that...(Things like finger length, smile shapes,, best friends tests... you would think they are outdated, but depending when you do it and HOW you do it, they still work amazingly)

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    Thanks for that....I suppose each time it gets easier and more natural.

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    I would recommend having a "flow" in mind of how you would like things to go... and go over this flow through your head over and over until you know it without thinking. Memorize a few stories from your life that have imbeded DHVs. (these will help when you are stuck ... and will also help with attraction). You can even have stories that you tell during other phases of the interaction as well. Just make sure and keep the early phase stories very short. basically follow the flow and tell your memorized stories when you are stuck. Start the story with something exciting like "oh my God youll never believe what happened the other day..." besides what I mentioned here... if you still find yourself stuck just try moving to the next stage of the interaction. Whats the worst that could happen? you might get blown out?... you'd be surprised how confident you will appear by doing this and thats very attractive.

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    Right thats what I catch myself doing (thinking too much) and that creates awkward pauses I assume. I see what your saying keep them engaged and dont be affraid to push the bounds.

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