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    My girlfriend is bi and a little bit ago she said she would do a threesome as long as the girl wasn't prettier than her (she is gorgeous so not a problem) . i don't know if she was kidding or not because she has mentioned it before a couple times. what are some tips to get her to do it or bring it up?? i don't want to bring it up otherwise she is more likely to say no.

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    Well in my town we have a unusually high amount of "swinger clubs" so if you have those you can just go to one of them and everyone there knows what's up and will approach you, and her of course.
    As long as you know your girl has high self confidence and is secure in your relationship just bring it up next time you are out and getting a little tipsy so she is more likely to be open to it. You can even make a game of it, like make her point out girls she would consider as valid options. Then escalate it to a challenge as in "I bet I can convince THAT girl to come do YOU faster than you can get a girl willing to come play".
    Just tread lightly brother, it's dangerous ground when you are in a committed relationship.

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    Just ask her "what kind of women are you attracted to? Let's go out for coffee and do some people watching.."

    And if there's a girl that's drop dead gorgeous, don't make her a bigger deal than the other ones you've brought up. Once she brings an average looking girl back and it goes well, she might feel more comfortable to find someone hotter. What you want to convey is that this is for her, because it turns you on knowing she wants to share this with you.

    I'd also keep it at oral and not fuck the other girl, unless she flat out insists you do it, but make sure most of the attention is on your gf.

    Also some girls will say they'll have a "threesome", but don't want you taking part in it, because they don't want other girls to see their man's dick. Someone who's truly bisexual doesn't just mean sex with men and women, it means relationships with both. Otherwise it's "experimenting".

  4. thanks guys any other advice?

  5. I kind of fucked up some of the rules with threesomes (ie. take it slow, spend more time on your gf, etc.) and pissed off my gf, but I found out that none of those things matter as much as the TRUST ISSUE does in the end of it all. (Yes, you can fuck another girl more than you fuck your own gf AS LONG AS she TRUSTS YOU).

    So look, if she doesn't think you are a trustworthy guy and might go run off with another hottie later, then no threesomes for you. But, if she totally trusts you and KNOWS for a FACT that you WON'T EVER cheat on her, then she will WANT to give you that threesome herself to make you happy/please you.

    Get it? TRUST.

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    AlphaElectro and sdnightfly have the right stuff to say on this one. Trust is the single most important factor of getting, and continuing to get, threesomes. If your girl trusts you, you can do ANYTHING to another woman. My girl and I have a rule that I don't fuck other chicks unless she can be there to watch/participate. That's a rule that I'm fine with, lol.

    Once you have TRUST squared away, it's time to get your girl to start thinking about 3-somes and gettin it on with another chick. Here's the tricky part of the situation, you have to bring up the subject without bringing it up. And you can NEVER get too excited about the idea of banging her and another girl. As soon as you start to get too invested in the idea, she'll start to feel like she isn't enough to you. You HAVE to be totally indifferent to the idea of fucking her and another girl.

    Now, what I mean by that is, even if you are FREAKING OUT with excitement, you can't let her see that. You don't want her to know how bad you want it. For this to go down, this has to be HER fantasy. And that's where the challenge comes in, making the 3-some HER fantasy.

    The way I did this with my girlfriend, would be to wait until the subject seemed to surface, and then ask some innocent questions around women, and the idea of her with other women.

    "Have you ever kissed another girl before?"
    "What kind of girls are you attracted to?"
    "What would you do if a really hot girl started hitting on you?"
    "What do you think is the sexiest kind of underwear for girls?"

    Etc etc etc, ask questions to elicit sexual ideas about women in her mind. Make her curious about what it would be like to hook up with other girls. Then, after a while, she'll want to actually act on it. And when that happens, it's probably going to be YOU that has to do all of the leg work in finding and seducing a girl for the both of you.

    My girl and I have had a LOT of 3-somes, but the first few I had to do ALL the work because she was shy and hadn't developed the confidence to approach and close on her own.

    You can do it, it just takes a while to make it happen.

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