How To Pick Up Women In Church, Seminars, and Some Classes
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  1. How To Pick Up Women In Church, Seminars, and Some Classes

    Ok, so I have been experimenting with with church game. I have found that sunday school is the best place to massive group attraction. So, people obviously raise their hands and share. So, I use this time to tell DHV stories and run NLP. Not with everything I say but it is a good opportunity if you are in class, at a seminar wherever to plant a seed with every girl there.

    Here is an example. We were talking about dating and marriage, so I raise my hand and tell a story how I was hanging out with some friends and one of my friends says this girl is into me. Then I say I am not interested. He is shocked and says "She is everyone's type, she can have any guy she wants." So then I make my standards known to him and he respects me for that. Very DHV. I have lots of friends, I am preselected, and I have standards.

    Then a little later, I run a pattern. "Sometime you may find you're self really attracted to a guy. So much that you think about him all the time, and you really want to get to know him. (Self-Point) But sometimes you need to focus on what is in church, and you will find that RIGHT GUY.(self-point)

    So, to sum up a lot of times in places where there is group conversation just input into the convo but lace some of you input with DHV and NLP.

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    Sunday school? You're 27 years old...I haven't heard of anyone doing that past 8th grade. Maybe this is a new thing?

    But in all seriousness, church isn't the place I'd expect to find many fun girls...most girls there are conservative and/or want a serious relationship...and few hot ones. I go to church myself from time to time, but have always tried to keep it separate from picking up girls. If this is the only reason you're going to church, that's ridiculous because there are many better places to meet girls.

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    I'd completely disagree with "few hot ones"....and depending on the church would also disagree on "conservative".... plus... it depends on WHAT you are looking for...

    It SOUNDS like a good technique.. but hard to prove if it has any real effect..

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    Do hot single women go to church often? I thought they were hungover from being in clubs Saturday night.

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    I started going to church again, and I see some hotties.

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    hmm, that sounds like a good idea... seeding DHV's and NLP's when you talk. I actually never thought of that. (no sarcasm)

    CHURCH game is kinda tricky though because you have to remember that the girls here are programmed to be aware of "sex-gods" (PUA)
    so with that, i think one way i do is spend a dang whole lot of time in comfort WHILE getting her to comply to you. Theres this thing called the compliance ladder...

    Just remember these girls are very keen to their player senses, and if they spot you... you will get shot. Trust me, i come from a catholic country.

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    The hard part is finding a girl who doesn't have delusions of "God will send me the right man." Church girls rarely date casually. There is also a higher percentage of girl AFCs. Of course, there is basically no competition, as even a couple little bits of experience or skill immediately put a guy in the top tier. Definitely a strange atmosphere to game in.

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    Well, I think church would be better off used for Inner game and helping to better yourself as a person. However, if you wish to game there anyway don't bother doing it in all these secretive ways. After a service just close proximity and use the opener "Good service today" she will likely chime in and you can simply talk about that. Just like class, seminars etc. When people are clearing out you can start a conversation observationally. "Boring class today, huh?". Observational openers suck in bars and clubs because the girls have heard it a hundred times. During the day it is simply a friendly man starting conversation. DHV and attraction spike from there.

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