did i really ruin it? cannot believe

yesterday i went to a club, danced there with my mates. i saw some chick (8.5) that i know from the old-days dancing really close with her girlfriend (6, really she's sux). i went to her and said
"hey daniel (lets pretend her name was daniel), i didnt know you turn to lesbian side"
she laughed, meanwhile i opened her girlfriend so she wont cock block me later, danced with them both. later dance-neg daniel and showed disinterest(blocked her, pulled away so i could dance a bit with her girlfriend). so we kept talking, seemed like she was playing really hard to get, so i said , well i guess ure a lesbo after all, then bye!

and i tried to avoid her all the night.

today (the day after) SHE sends me an IM on facebook.
we talked some, she told me she had amazing time last time at the club and really had fun, asked if i had fun too, i said something the same. talked about that VIP sucks in israel (she had VIP that night, i had 2 weeks ago) , ive said some DHV thats ive been in amazing clubs and this club was really sux in compare to those, and small chit chat
talked about the army (in il, boys and girls must do military service)
here's the last part from our conversation translated: (why facebook doesnt save the whole history of the conversation?)
in red are my comments to you guys

she asked me what i do in the army, she said she's some kind of personality tester to special forces. i had those tests, passed and joined the special forces. but i asked her what exactly she does and bla bla bla

the testers trying to check your personality so they can see if u can join this special unit.
וi said something horrible , no chance it made me a good expression, cant believe passed those tests.
what did u say?
yesterday i have fought with my girlfriend, got drunk, slept only 2 hours and i am having horrible hang-over!
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh
so fun that people think they know how does the experts give u your personality grade
how should i know?
so tell me how do they give their grades "mrs.psycho-personality tester"!
her job at the army, she tests if some people are good enought to join special forces/
i cannot, thats secret! this time i am the one who gotta kill u if u will know
with those stings that u call punches, u gave me yesterday at the club, u cannot even scratch me
dont forget i've got a M-16, i dont really need to punch u
i bet its oldie one, like the new recruits have
its called a broom not a weapon.
does it matter? it still can shot, and becasue its the long version, the chances ill miss you are slim.
well girl, i am going to help my friend paint his new appartment
lets do it like this, give me your phone number, and ill come over to take u some cool play to drink something nice with me?
hhh n1 for the initiate, but i cannot i am busy, and i dont date bastards
hey hey! date?! where do u run? i dont even know u.... just sit and talk.
and sitting at home on the facebook the whole night doesnt mean u got plans
for sitting somewhere i need to get out of the home especially if u're coming over my place to take me. and facebook its for meanwhile , who said i dont have anything to do later on?
listen, if u got a date with your girlfriend, u dont need to hide it from me
well, actually i have a date with my boy friend, if u really interested to hear
yeah, i got a date with kamron diez at 11 this night , but before that i have an empty hour
kamron diez is nothing near me you wish lol
well, what does it says about you? that u take few levels down on your date girl?
did i say the word date? listen i dont know how it goes in your world, in my world man and woman can out together without called a couple... thats called having some quality time together.
i see u got smooth tongue? well all bastards are like that
well i see ure still on your lesbo thing or the little-girl thing, not sure about that yet
no, i am about commitment
well done, keep it going
wish you wonderful wadding, a lot of kids, not having problems with the bank when you rent your house and... how i forgot about it, 12 cats.

the convo ends here, she didnt reply.

i dont believe she got a b-friend. she wouldnt send me msg 1st and neg me a bit
playing hard to get
and her status is single on fuckbook

what have i done wrong guys so she stopped replying me and didnt want to go out?
should i keep contact with her somehow ? and how ?

need advices pl0x =]