Gf seeks validation..

Hey dudes
Well my gf seems to seek validation alot always taking photos of herself, looking in the mirror alot and always tells me how guys hit on her ect ect.

I just joke it off and show her it really doesn't get to me Because the truth is I don't need a relationship to make me happy, Whenever we are Out we see girls looking at me trying to talk to me ect I don't act on it I'm more like "hehe yeah ok she is funny" so she knows I have good women skills.

This girl has never had a real man her last bf was insecure as FUCK he would not let her talk to people, not let her go out alone, not let her do anything really. I am no way like that she can do whatever she wants unless it fails to roll with my rules and boundaries. The sex is really good so far I can really get in her head and know what she wants and she gets it *Really this girl is my bitch in bed-she knows it and loves me for it* So I'm really showing her what a real man is like.

I just don't understand her need of validation and sometimes it seems "competition" she has with me.

Any insight please!