Binghamton club/night game
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    Binghamton club/night game

    Just started school in Binghamton this year and plan on taking my game to the next level. I'm not really down with house parties anymore and prefer club game. If anyone is interested in improving their club/night game in the area then let me know whats up.

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    I would say Yes BUT... I've had a few real bad nights downtown. If you're gonna play state st. WATCH UR BACK!! You step on the wrong toes and they do not fight fair. I'm not a timid person and fights don't scare me easily 1 on 1, hell 2 on 1 even, no problem,...My last encounter was 4 on 1 and I'm not repeating that experience again. I'm sticking to daygame. On the other hand... I was playing it for a while and grudges could be to blame as well.

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    are you still at binghamton? i havent found anyone to share ideas and really sarge with here yet

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    So I just got out of sort of a ltr and am looking to sarge again. If anybody is still around the area let me know.

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